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Tighten skin and fill lips with hyaluronic acid without needles? The innovation PhInjection makes this possible. PhInjection is a cosmetic treatment by which hyaluronic acid can be administered into the skin or lips without having to insert a needle into the skin. The PhInjection Pen specially developed for the technique is used for the treatments.

Non-invasive facial treatments with PhInjection

At PhiShop, you will find all the products you need for a PhInjection facial treatment. The prerequisite for a PhInjection treatment is the highly innovative PhInjection Pen, with which the non-invasive technique can be used. In addition, hyaluronic acid is, of course, required, which you can also get from PhiShop. The PhInjection Pen Kit, which contains several ampoules and adapters in addition to the PhInjection Hyaluron Pen, is particularly useful.

Innovation at the highest level: The PhInjection Pen

The technique of administering hyaluronic acid with no needles whatsoever is a significant innovation in facial treatment technology. The PhInjection Pen enables such a non-invasive technique. Wrinkles are smoothed out and the lip volume can be increased.

But how does the PhInjection Hyaluron Pen work? Instead of being injected with a needle, with PhInjection the hyaluronic acid is sprayed onto the appropriate area with high pressure. The hyaluronic acid can then be distributed evenly on the skin. The result is reduced wrinkles or increased lip volume with a PhInjection Lip treatment.

Long-lasting results thanks to PhInjection technology

The PhInjection Pen's design is also not arbitrary. In contrast to comparable devices, the PhInjection Hyaluron Pen has no lever, for example. The device's pin mechanism is the result of intensive innovative research and now allows for faster, easier and more efficient distribution of the preparation. This innovation is noticeable – the effect of the treatment is immediately visible and long-lasting.

Whether it's PhInjection Lip treatment for the lips or PhInjection treatment for the skin, you are always perfectly equipped with the PhInjection Pen Kit. This includes a PhInjection Pen as well as a blackhead remover, six ampoules and six adapters.