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Phi Marker Pen White
Save €2.07! -25%
Regular: €8.30*
Phibrows Goldenbrown SUPER - 2pcs
Save €5.00! -6%
Regular: €90.00*
PhiBrows Black SUPE Pigment 5ml - 2pcs
Save €4.00! -6%
Regular: €70.00*
PhiBrows Scissors & Tweezers
Save €2.08! -20%
Regular: €10.40*
Phibrows Stroke Marker 10ml
PhiBrows Practice Ink 10 ml
PhiBrows Red SUPE Pigment 5ml - 2pcs
Save €4.00! -6%
Regular: €70.00*
Phi Foam 50ml
Save €2.68! -20%
Regular: €13.40*
Phibrows Brown 3 SUPER
PhiWipes Makeup Remover Wipes 50pcs
Save €4.20! -20%
Regular: €21.00*
PhiEyeglasses Magnifier
Save €7.00! -20%
Regular: €35.00*
Skin Candy After Care Balm 9pcs
Save €68.75! -57%
Regular: €120.60*
€51.85* €61.00
PhiBrows Fox SUPE Pigment 5ml - 2pcs
Save €4.00! -6%
Regular: €70.00*
Phibrows Yellow SUPER - 2pcs
Save €5.00! -6%
Regular: €90.00*
PhiBrows Goldenbrown SUPE Pigment 5ml - 2pcs
Save €4.00! -6%
Regular: €70.00*
PhiBrows Block Tonic 5ml 100pcs
Save €5.40! -15%
Regular: €36.00*
BB Compass
Phi Asept Solution
Save €4.40! -20%
Regular: €22.00*
PhiBrows Yellow SUPE Pigment 5ml - 2pcs
Save €4.00! -6%
Regular: €70.00*
Ink Cup Holder
Save €1.20! -20%
Regular: €6.00*

Artist & grand master microblading products

PhiBrows microblading products are made by professionals for professionals. PhiArtists support the design and development of our products and bring their many years of experience to the development process. Every PhiBrows product has to meet the high demands of our PhiArtists. In this way, the community worldwide can rely on the lasting quality of PhiBrows.

PhiBrows is a particularly ingenious microblading technique. Using the BB Compass, eyebrows are sculpted, and their length and shape are adjusted to the shape of the face in question. The basis for this is the Golden Ratio and the Golden Number Phi (1.618). With artistry and using high-quality tools, PhiArtists create well-formed eyebrows for every face type.

PhiBrows products in the online shop 

Special cosmetic products of the highest quality have been developed for use with the PhiBrows technique. High-quality PhiBrows blades and PhiBrows tools form the basis of every treatment. With exclusive PhiBrows pigments in a wide variety of colours, you can achieve high-quality results for every skin type and every hair colour. The PhiShop also sells PhiBrows accessories, including ink cups, magnifying glasses and latex skin.

PhiBrows care products for studio & home 

The right care is essential for a perfect result and healthy skin. PhiBrows care products for before and after a treatment prepare the skin for treatment and regenerate it afterwards. The PhiBrows online shop stocks products for the salon as well as skin care products for use at home.

Care products in the shop

PhiBrows – Products of the highest quality 

PhiBrows stands for the highest quality in every respect. The highest quality standards mean that unique, high-quality products are created. In the course of development and production, we make sure that we use only the best ingredients and that our products are kind to the skin, thus achieving the best results in the manufacturing process and for our customers. PhiBrows products are suitable for all types of microblading and can be used by beauticians.

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