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PhiHenna Medium Brown
PhiHenna Dark Brown
PhiHenna Light Brown
PhiHenna Blonde
PhiHenna Black
PhiHenna Brow Paste
PhiHenna Golden Brown
PhiHenna Talc Powder 100g
PhiHenna Copper Brown
PhiHenna Burgundy

Discover PhiHenna products for eyebrow tinting. The precious colours and high-quality tools allow for a natural appearance when used correctly by artists. Even grey hair is reliably covered with PhiHenna. PhiHenna also slightly colours the skin between the hairs, which makes eyebrows appear even fuller. Therefore, PhiHenna is interesting for all those who want full eyebrows but don't want to try permanent methods such as PhiBrows or PhiContour.

PhiHenna products in the online shop

PhiHenna Eyebrow kits contain all the utensils you need for applying PhiHenna: colours, measuring cup, spatula, bottle for storage and instructions. The ideal equipment for professional treatment at the salon.

PhiHenna colours for radiant eyebrows

As with all products at PhiShop, the PhiHenna colours for eyebrow tinting also meet the highest quality standards. This is how you shape the eyebrows of your customers and provide them with the right shade.

PhiHenna has the entire range of most popular colours for eyebrow tinting. From deep black and subtle blonde to light and dark brown tones in many shades. You will definitely find the right PhiHenna colour for your customers at PhiShop.

PhiHenna Accessories & Tools

In addition to PhiHenna colours, PhiHenna offers useful tools and accessories for eyebrow tinting. PhiHenna Talc Powder removes excess oils and impurities from the skin and prepares eyebrow hairs for treatment. PhiHenna Eyebrow Stripes and PhiHenna Eyebrow Threading Thread ensure the optimal shape of eyebrows during colouring. The PhiHenna Brow Nourishing Oil cares for hair and skin for a radiant and long-lasting result.