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PhiLashes stands for breathtaking eyelashes and long-lasting extensions. With professional eyelash extensions, matching accessories, and high-quality care, you can give your customers a thick and sweeping lash line that looks natural and well-groomed for weeks. And all without mascara and additional make-up products.

PhiLashes products in the online shop 

High-quality PhiLashes Eyelashes are available in various sizes and sets. With PhiLashes Tools – from tweezers to applicators and exclusive PhiLashes Care – you can achieve precise and long-lasting results for a perfect look.

PhiLashes: Eyelash extensions from professionals 

As an artist, you can give your customers extra fullness and volume with PhiLashes Eyelashes. After thorough cleaning with Cleansing Brush and PhiLashes Foam, synthetic lashes are individually attached to the natural lashes. This enables a personalised result that looks incomparably natural and lasts up to 6 weeks.

PhiLashes accessories for the highest precision

The right PhiLashes Accessories make clean and precise work even easier. That is why PhiLashes products are perfected and continuously developed in cooperation with PhiArtists. Our tweezers are specially shaped so that they match the artist's workflow and provide the perfect angle for placing lashes. The reliable PhiLashes eyelash glue is easy to apply and leaves no residue. With PhiLashes U Band Lash Ring, PhiLashes Tape and of course high-quality eyelashes, every result is unique and lovely to behold.