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PhiRemoval Enzyme Power Peel
PhiRemoval light S chemical peel 10ml
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Phi Neutralizer Solution 10ml
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PhiWipes Asept Wipes 50pcs

PhiRemoval puts an end to unwanted pigments from past treatments. This type of cosmetic skin peeling is a gentle method of removing pigment without using a laser. With PhiRemoval, you are offering your customers a highly developed technology for removing and correcting permanent make-up, microblading, and tattoos.

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PhiRemoval's technology and formula is based on glycolic acid, also known as alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), which thus is also known as a type of fruit acid. Our products PhiRemoval Light Chemical Peel and PhiRemoval Light S Chemical Peel  contain glycolic acid and are specifically designed for cosmetic use on the skin. PhiRemoval Enzyme Power Peel is an advanced formula that is designed to stimulate skin renewal. Phi Neutralizer Solution optimally supplements the skin-peeling serums and ensures neutralisation on the skin.

PhiRemoval: Remove microblading, PMU and tattoos

PhiRemoval works by specifically stimulating skin renewal in treated skin areas and is suitable for removing permanent make-up, microblading and tattoos. With PhiRemoval, eyebrows can be given a new shape using microblading technology. When used correctly, eyebrow hair will also be left undamaged. PhiRemoval is the right method even if you only want to remove part of the pigments under the skin. PhiTattoo is also capable for removing tattoos and pigments.

This is how PhiRemoval  works

When using PhiRemoval, the first step is to apply PhiRemoval Light Chemical Peel. Then comes the PhiRemoval Neutralizer Solution, which stops the peeling effect and works as a blocker. In professional use, this enables you to precisely achieve the desired result of skin renewal.

PhiRemoval products are worked into the top layer of the skin with the usual microblades and PMU needles. The glycolic acid in PhiRemoval removes dead skin cells due to the peeling effect and stimulates skin renewal. As a result, pigments are literally pulled out of the skin, transported to the skin's surface, and the colours begin to fade.

PhiRemoval for professionals

High-quality lotions have been developed over many years for the multi-stage process of removing PMU, microblading or tattoos. The highly effective PhiRemoval products have been developed for professional artists and are only available to graduates of the PhiRemoval course at the PhiAcademy, which teaches the right manner of working with the products.