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Even after intensive treatment, the facial care products in our online shop ensure skin is healthy and cared-for. In-depth skin care is essential, especially after certain beauty treatments. Our facial care products range from soothing maskscreams and body oils to various aftercare products. If you want to buy facial care that perfectly completes your treatments, you've come to the right place.

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Our range of facial care products includes everything you need for effective treatments:

The entire range features nutrient-rich facial care products that completely pamper the skin. In-depth pre- and post-treatment care provides the skin with additional active ingredients, producing even more intense and long-lasting results.

Various facial care products for aftercare 

PhiShop features an extensive selection of facial care products. Here, you can buy facial care which, among other things, is essential for the regeneration process, particularly after certain treatments. All products share a common healing effect.

Various aftercare products ensure the skin is properly cared for, even after treatment. For permanent make-up treatments, for example, it is worthwhile buying special facial care products to ensure optimal pigment retention. You can also buy special facial care for microblading treatments which supports both collagen and protein formation. Overall, facial care products ensure skin is hydrated and revitalized and the skin's protective barrier is sustained.

Facial care products for well-being 

Doing something good for the skin is always relaxing and provides an immediate sense of well-being. Our popular body oils for the face and body are available in various, wonderful scents. They have a calming, moisturizing effect on the skin and improve the entire skin structure thanks to their rich extracts.

Would you like to buy high-quality day creams? You can find them in our creams selection. Various, extraordinarily light creams for the morning or evening mattify the skin and give it a soft, velvety feel.

Soothing masks ensure complete relaxation, giving the face a radiant glow. At the same time, these facial care products are perfectly suited to soothe the skin from harmful environmental factors and provide it with important nutrients.

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Are you interested in our facial care products? At PhiShop, you can shop for many other products covering various beauty treatments. Discover our online shop's many ranges:

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