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Because eyelashes can never have enough volume, we love eyelash extensions! Buy artificial eyelashes that are indistinguishable from real ones at PhiShop. These eyelash extensions open the eyes, make them look more awake, and immediately lend the face a certain freshness. If you buy artificial eyelashes from PhiShop, you will immediately recognise the high quality.

The most important thing about eyelash extensions is the quality of the artificial eyelashes. Since our top priority is high-quality products, at PhiShop you can order eyelashes online that are exclusively of high quality, which support natural eyelashes while reducing eyelash loss as much as possible.

Artificial Eyelashes: A Simple Solution with a Great Result 

Everyone would like to have a method to look styled without a lot of daily hassle. Artificial eyelashes make that possible. Eyelash extensions are an addition to natural eyelashes that make a powerful difference. Buy lashes now and give your clients a fresh, exciting look – the loveliest feeling for any artist.

However, that's not an easy task: Buy eyelashes that are easy to apply, fit comfortably on the eye, and show off their high quality. If you order eyelashes online at PhiShop, you will receive eyelash extensions that fulfil all these aspects.

Buy Eyelashes and Perfect Your Technique 

Even if the procedure sounds simple – true artists know that eyelash extensions require the highest precision and meticulous technique. In addition to the right eyelash tools and a high-quality adhesive, you should of course also buy eyelashes that provide the highest precision for treatments.

Artificial eyelashes at PhiShop make life easier for us artists. These eyelash extensions are particularly easy to apply. This makes it possible to refine your own technique to perfection and achieve flawless results. You will notice the difference when you buy these lashes.

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The right eyelash extensions are the basis for a PhiLashes treatment. Of course you need more accessories – you will find everything you need in the PhiShop range:

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We guarantee the best quality at the best prices. If you have questions regarding buying Eyelashes or regarding anything else, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Care department.