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PhiLashes Mascara Brush (80pcs)
Perfect for individual eyelash extensions, before and / or after treatment. The product can be used for any type of eyelash extensions, is easy to use and makes the product easy to apply.
PhiLashes Premium Faux Mink Mix
A large selection of high quality eyelashes carefully selected and specially designed to improve the natural eyelashes without causing any discomfort or lash loss (if applied properly).
From €22.00*
PhiLashes Adhesive Sticker 30pcs
The PhiLashes Adhesive Sticker is used to cover the crystal stone so that the adhesive does not spread on the surface and it remains clean. This makes the eyelash lengthening much more efficient because it is easy to act, and also saves the preparation time. Contains 30 pieces.
PhiLashes Premium Curl Faux Mink Mix C-0.07 5/6/7 mm
PhiLashes Premium Curl Faux Mink Mix are high quality lashes, carefully selected and specially designed for eyelash extensions. They enhance natural lashes without causing discomfort or lash loss (as long as they are applied correctly). They are easy to apply and make your life easier. Their curl opens up the eye and gives it a more awake, exciting look. They come in lengths of 5/6/7 mm.
PhiLashes Dry Cotton Pads 200pcs
PhiLashes Dry Cotton Pads are white, dry cotton pads specially designed for use in the beauty salon. Thanks to their tangle-free texture, they are perfect for efficiently removing adhesive residue from tweezers, bottle caps and other cosmetic tools. This means that no residue is left behind during cleaning. The pads can also be used for other purposes, such as removing nail polish.
PhiLashes Palette
Especially for the organization of your eyelashes for any treatment. For professional eyelash technicians. Allows your eyelashes an individual organization as you wish.
PhiLashes Mirror
Use the Mirror to check the progress of your work during treatment as it helps you work faster and more effectively with minimal effort, allowing you to view your progress from different angles and check the look of the eyelashes from all sides.   Use it to check your work progress during the treatment, as it provides fast and effective application with minimal effort, by giving you the possibility to skip moving around the client to check the look of their eyelashes from the underside. 
PhiLashes Crystal Stone
The PhiLashes crystal stone is used to keep glue longer cold. It prevents the glue from drying too quickly. The surface is very easy to clean.
PhiLashes U Band Lash Ring
The Lash Ring is a lash and glue holder, that is slipped on the finger like a ring. It has room for lashes and further has a small mold for glue. It allows for fast and easy access to individual lashes while keeping optimal space between lashes of different sizes at the same time. The Lash Ring offers efficiency and a simple handling of lashes during PhiLashes treatment.
PhiLashes Eyes - 3pairs
PhiLashes Eyes for practice on a training head are made of the highest quality, soft-touch silicon rubber. Replaceable training eyes allow you to practice lash extension different lash techniques at the same time. After each use, clean eyes with water. Stains and makeup can be removed with a makeup remover. Made in China
PhiLashes Gel Free Pads (5pcs)
One-way gel-free pads, ideal for covering and protecting the lower lashes during treatment. Very hydrating and nutritious. Unique use, convenient and safe, for all eye shapes and sizes.
PhiLashes Thermometer
Make sure your work area is at the perfect temperature level for eyelash treatment. The Eyelash Extension Adhesive needs the right humidity and room temperature to perform effectively. The PhiLashes Thermometer will let you know when your room has reached the optimal level of temperature and humidity, to make sure you are working in perfect conditions.    
PhiTopic Cream 10ml
PhiTopic Cream is designed to care for sensitive skin before PhiBrows, PhiLashes, PhiContour, PhiLings and other treatments. The high-quality base contains an effective combination of ingredients to help maintain the protective barrier and hydrate and revitalise the skin. Application:Apply the cream to cleansed skin in the morning and evening. Suitable for face and body. Do not apply to deep, open wounds on large areas.
PhiTopic Cream 10ml 9pcs
Designed for care and recovery of damaged and sensitive skin before treatments such as PhiBrows, PhiLashes, PhiContour, PhiLings, etc. High-quality base contains an effective combination of active ingredients that preserve the protective barrier, prevent skin drying and stimulate its regeneration. The velvety, non-greasy formula provides long-lasting hydration to very dry skin by sealing in moisture and helping to restore the skin barrier. Cream hydrates, soothes and reduces roughness while relieving itchy and tight skin. Skin feels soft and noticeably smoothed. The high quality base with skin specific phospholipides, rich in natural emollients (Shea butter and Almond oil), easily applied and absorbed onto the skin. Shea butter restores the hydro-lipid protective layer of the skin and inhibits the transepidermal water loss. Itdeeply penetrates into the skin, nourishing it intensively and improving circulation, making it smooth and soft. Very high in Vitamin E, almond oil is an excellent emollient and lubricator for dry skin. This oil has also been proven to have a calming effect on dry, iritated skin. Hydrating complex provides an immediate supply of hydration bringing back to normal the natural moisture balance of skin and boosting its own capacity to retain water for longer.  It provides nutrition and stimulation for long term healthy look and  feel, even for dry and sensitive skin. Niacinamide increases free fatty acid ceramide levels in the skin, stimulates micro-circulation in the dermis, and prevents the skin from losing water. Panthenol has excellent regenerative properties, establishes and maintains the natural moisture, softness and elasticity of the skin. Vitamin E  protects the cells and cell membranes from free-radical and environmental oxidative stress. It is required for healthy collagen in the skin – which is the support system in the skin and helps the skin to remain firm and healthy. The cream strengthens the natural defenses of skin, making it smooth, protected and healthy since the first application. Paraben and colorants free.  
PhiLashes Head and Eyes
This is a practice head which was specially developed for practicing eyelash extensions. The product provides a very realistic treatment experience due to the shape and the material and is therefore perfectly suitable for students or artists. The eyes including eyelashes are replaceable, so the practice head can be used permanently. When practicing eyelash extensions, only the PhiLashes Eyes need to be replaced after each practice treatment.
PhiLashesPurple001 2.jpg
PhiLashes Premium Colored Mink Mix
  A large selection of high quality eyelashes carefully selected and specially designed to improve the natural eyelashes without causing any discomfort or lash loss (if applied properly).
From €22.00*