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PhiLashes Volume #1 Tweezers
Provides strength and volume with precise handling. Perfect for classic and volume sets. Ideal for volume application. Great precision with highest comfort. Very light and convenient to use. Made of high quality stainless steel.
PhiLashes Volume #2 Tweezers
Provides strength and volume with precise handling. Perfect for classic and volume sets. Ideal for volume application. Great precision with highest comfort. Very light and convenient to use. Made of high quality stainless steel.
PhiLashes Curve Tweezers
Tweezers for eyelash extensions used to separate eyelashes. Easy to use for the isolation of natural eyelashes and a great design to catch individual eyelash extensions. The eyelashes are easy to grip and hold. Made of high quality stainless steel
PhiLashes Isolation Tweezers
Perfect for isolating the eyelashes in the inner and outer corners of the eye, with ultimate precision. Gives you the power to separate the eyelashes individually and isolate them. Simple posture, positioning and adjustment for the smallest area. Made of high quality stainless steel.
PhiLashes Flocked Lint Free Applicator (100pcs)
The PhiLashes Flocked Lint Free Applicator is used for cleansing the natural eyelashes before treatment. Ideal alternative for the usual cotton swabs that contain fibers that can be trapped between natural eyelashes and eyelash extensions.
PhiLashes Mascara Brush (80pcs)
Perfect for individual eyelash extensions, before and/or after treatment. The product can be used for any type of eyelash extensions, is easy to use and makes the product easy to apply.
PhiLashes Micro Applicator (100pcs)
Extra precise micro brushes make applying eyelash extensions easy, retaining only small amounts, to avoid wasting the products while applying glue.
PhiLashes Cleansing Brush
This is a tool that is used with the PhiLashes foaming cleanser to clean the eyelashes (before the treatment). It is also used as an aftercare product to clean the space between the natural eyelashes and extensions. The brush is ideal to serve your clients after lash extensions, as an ideal after-care tool.
PhiLashes Crystal Stone
The PhiLashes crystal stone is used to keep glue longer cold. It prevents the glue from drying too quickly. The surface is very easy to clean.
PhiLashes Adhesive Sticker 30pcs
The PhiLashes Adhesive Sticker is used to cover the crystal stone so that the adhesive does not spread on the surface and it remains clean. This makes the eyelash lengthening much more efficient because it is easy to act, and also saves the preparation time. Contains 30 pieces.
PhiLashes Palette
Especially for the organization of your eyelashes for any treatment. For professional eyelash technicians. Allows your eyelashes an individual organization as you wish.
PhiLashes Mirror
Use the Mirror to check the progress of your work during treatment as it helps you work faster and more effectively with minimal effort, allowing you to view your progress from different angles and check the look of the eyelashes from all sides.   Use it to check your work progress during the treatment, as it provides fast and effective application with minimal effort, by giving you the possibility to skip moving around the client to check the look of their eyelashes from the underside. 
PhiLashes Speed Up Solution
PhiLashes Speed Up Solution is a product developed for professional use during eyelash extension treatments in beauty salons. It removes dirt and oil from natural lashes. The solution creates a protective film and speeds up the drying process. For professional use only.The bottle should be kept tightly closed and stored in a dark and dry environment away from adhesives. Keep out of reach of children. Warning: In case of irritation, stop use and contact your doctor.
PhiLashes Cream Remover
PhiLashes Cream Remover is a cream that makes it easy to dissolve eyelash glue. It has a particularly gentle formula, providing a high level of safety in the eye area. Suitable for all skin types.Do not store in direct sunlight and in a cool place. Store in a well-ventilated place. Keep the container tightly closed. Caution:Keep out of reach of children. In case of allergy, please consult your doctor. Avoid inhaling the particles. Wash skin thoroughly after handling this product. Do not eat, drink or smoke while using this product. Use protective gloves, clothing, eye and face protection.
PhiLashes Glue Storage Tank
The PhiLashes Glue Storage Tank is the perfect storage for lash glue. Tightly sealed by a vacuum, it protects the glue from drying out when not in use between treatments. The tank holds several bottles of Lash Glue. Place the bottles in the Lash Glue Storage Tank, close the lid and activate the vacuum by pressing the button.
PhiLashes Tweezer Adhesive Remover
The PhiLashes Tweezer Adhesive Remover is ideal for quickly and thoroughly cleaning tweezers after an eyelash extension treatment. During the treatment, glue can sometimes get stuck on the tweezers. The glue then becomes particularly stubborn and very difficult to remove. When scraping off, the tweezers can easily be damaged, which may cause them to no longer close completely and become unusable. Our PhiLashes Tweezer Adhesive Remover helps with easy clean up. Not only does it contain a cleansing liquid, but also sponge-like balls. With their soft and flexible texture, they help to thoroughly clean the tweezers without damaging them.
PhiLashes Dry Cotton Pads 200pcs
PhiLashes Dry Cotton Pads are white, dry cotton pads specially designed for use in the beauty salon. Thanks to their tangle-free texture, they are perfect for efficiently removing adhesive residue from tweezers, bottle caps and other cosmetic tools. This means that no residue is left behind during cleaning. The pads can also be used for other purposes, such as removing nail polish.
PhiLashes Gel Free Pads (5pcs)
One-way gel-free pads, ideal for covering and protecting the lower lashes during treatment. Very hydrating and nutritious. Unique use, convenient and safe, for all eye shapes and sizes.
PhiLashes Paper Tape
PhiLashes Paper Tape is an adhesive tape designed for eyelash treatments. The paper tape is particularly gentle on the sensitive eye area so as not to cause irritation or allergic reactions. Nevertheless, the tape offers perfect hold and does not slip during the treatment.During the eyelash lengthening process, the tape is a practical helper to tape off the lower eyelashes. This way you can work undisturbed on the upper lashes and achieve optimal results.
PhiLashes Tape
PhiLashes Durapore Tape can be used to mask the lower lashes before treatment to prevent the upper lashes from coming into contact with the lower ones during treatment.
PhiLashes U Band Lash Ring
The Lash Ring is a lash and glue holder, that is slipped on the finger like a ring. It has room for lashes and further has a small mold for glue. It allows for fast and easy access to individual lashes while keeping optimal space between lashes of different sizes at the same time. The Lash Ring offers efficiency and a simple handling of lashes during PhiLashes treatment.
PhiEyeglasses Magnifier
The glasses are ideal for cosmetic treatments where the highest precision is required. The magnifying lenses ensure that even the smallest details are clearly visible and the work can thus be carried out extremely carefully. 5 different lenses included:Magnification levels 1.0x, 1.5x, 2.0x, 2.5x, 3.5x Features: - A strengthening process is applied to the surface of the lens to achieve a surface hardness of H5 degrees. - The lens is made of extended Gacoing lenses placed on the lower half of the lens with a u-shaped notch. This design allows the wearer to see objects at a distance closer, expands the field of vision and allows the wearer to view objects more easily. - The movable lens slot is used to adjust the focal length between the lens and the object, and the distance between lens and eyes. - The lens and the bracket use an internal/external meshing structure to avoid falling-off during use. - The nose bridge holder can be adjusted freely to suit any user’s shape. - This product uses 3 AAA batteries which are exceptionally long-lasting. - The lens angle and LED light source can be adjusted to illuminate various angles, ensuring an adequate light source on the surface of any viewed object, making it more convenient in use. - Common, bracket-type eyeglasses magnifiers can fall off easily during use because the lens and LED light source are quite heavy. This product resolves this issue completely. If the magnifier is worn for longer periods of time, it is advised to change from the bracket to the headband form, making working/reading a more comfortable experience.
PhiLashes Thermometer
Make sure your work area is at the perfect temperature level for eyelash treatment. The Eyelash Extension Adhesive needs the right humidity and room temperature to perform effectively. The PhiLashes Thermometer will let you know when your room has reached the optimal level of temperature and humidity, to make sure you are working in perfect conditions.