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Lashes Lifting Cream Sachets 1,5ml 10pcs
The Lifting Cream gives the natural lashes an extraordinary curl. This creates a lash curl from root to tip in the first step. The Lifting Cream thus provides long-lasting definition and a beautiful curl, while at the same time nourishing the lash hairs and improving their elasticity. One pack contains 10 sachets of 1.5ml each. Warning:Contains thioglycolate. Wear appropriate gloves. Avoid contact with eyes. If the cream comes into contact with the eyes, nose or mouth, wash out immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Do not use if the eyes have suffered an injury, are inflamed or you have suffered an allergic reaction. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. In case of red pimples or swelling, consult a dermatologist. Keep out of reach of children. Store at room temperature and protect from extreme temperatures and sunlight.
Lashes Lifting Neutralising Lotion Sachets 1,5ml 10pcs
Neutralising Lotion is used to fix the lashes during LashesLifting treatments in a beauty salon. It is applied during the second step of this technique and keeps the individual hairs apart so that they do not stick together and fixes the previously created lash curl. Panthenol coats the hair and seals its surface, nourishing the hair shaft and giving it a shiny appearance. Furthermore, the ingredient equisetum arvense protects the lashes with vitamins A, E and C. This product is designed for professional use only. One pack of LashesLifting Neutralising Lotion contains 10 sachets of 1,5 mL (0.05 fl.oz.) each, one sachet being sufficient for approximately 3-4 treatments.  
Lashes Lifting Moisturising Serum Sachets 1,5ml 10pcs
Phi Lashes Lifting Moisturising Serum conditions the lash hairs and nourishes the lash line, keeping it properly moistured and balanced.  It slightly helps the lashes in the process of detangling and prevents any possible lash destruction during the lash lifting process. Helps every single lash hair to spread more evenly, preventing the hairs from sticking together, which results with more natural and healthy-looking lifted lashes.
Lashes Lifting Sachet Set
This Lashes Lifting Set has all 3 sachets needed for the treatment process - covering steps 1, 2 and 3. The treatment creates naturally lifted and even lashes without the need for mascara. Step 1 - The Lashes Lifting Cream Sachet* is applied to no more than half way up the lashes. This creates a long-lasting lifting, volume boosting effect for the lash. Step 2 - The Lashes Lifting Neutralising Sachet* is used to lock in the lifting effect of Step 1. In addition, the neutralising solution helps prevent damage to the lashes and creates a healthy shine. Step 3 - The Lashes Lifting Moisturising Serum Sachet* is applied to gently detach the lashes from the silicone shield used during treatment. The sachet has a nourishing effect on the lash line itself. Eyelashes are left evenly spread, soft and healthy. Each Lashes Lifting Set contains: 10x Lashes Lifting Cream Sachets 1,5ml 10x Lashes Lifting Neutralising Sachets 1,5ml 10x Lashes Lifting Moisturising Serum Sachets 1,5ml Each (1) sachet is sufficient for approximately 3-4 treatments. *Please refer very closely to the Lashes Lifting Treatment Manual instructions to allow the correct developing time of the sachets at each step.
Lashes Lifting Bio Gel Eye Patches
Ultra-thin bio gel eye pads which are used to hold down the bottom lashes during the lifting treatment, at the same time providing the under-eye area with a nurturing feeling.  Easy to apply, very gentle and non-irritating, suitable even for sensitive eyes.