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Cosmetic Appliances

Cosmetic Appliances for Professionals 

In addition to mechanical treatments, Cosmetic Appliances are a good addition to your salon. Electrically operated machines, ranging from laser appliances to microneedling and permanent make-up machines, enable you to offer clients a wide range of treatments.

When you buy a Cosmetic Appliance, you can expect Phi's usual high quality and a new dimension of high-class results.

Professional Cosmetic Appliances at PhiShop 

At PhiShop you will find Cosmetic Appliances for many different types of treatment:

From various versions of laser appliances and microneedling appliances, through to permanent make-up and hydrofacial machines – you can buy many Cosmetic Appliances for your salon at PhiShop. You will also find matching accessories for treatments at PhiShop – from attachments, charging cables and handpieces, through to protective clothing, such as goggles.

Cosmetic Appliances for the Face and Skin 

Performing skin treatments with cosmetic appliances opens up new possibilities. Electrically operated machines expand your repertoire and offer clients soothing treatments for radiant skin. Microneedling Machines stimulate skin and induce wrinkles and pigment spots to fade. Hydrofacial Appliances enable deep cleansing and refresh the skin.

PMU Machines and the appropriate needle attachments allow you to design eyeliner, eyebrows or lips for long-lasting make-up. Tattoo removal, hair removal, or skin refinement all meet with success when you use Laser Appliances in your salon.

Professional Cosmetic Appliances of the Highest Quality 

You won't regret investing in a high-quality Cosmetic Appliance from PhiShop. At PhiShop you can rely on the high quality of all cosmetic appliances and additionally obtain a guarantee for those cosmetic appliances.

The combination of sophisticated technologies and elegant design have made these products a sight to behold. High-resolution displays, a wide range of languages, and clear menu screens make them easy to use. How to operate the machines is also thoroughly explained in manuals or apps.

Buy Cosmetic Appliances & More Online 

Already convinced of our Cosmetic Appliances? Our online shop has other exciting items for cosmetic treatments – and they're all of Phi's usual high quality.

Buy Cosmetic Appliances – Worry-free at PhiShop 

We guarantee the best quality at the best prices. If you have questions regarding Cosmetic Appliances or regarding anything else, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Care department.