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Eyebrow Pen

PhiNesse Brows Pen - Light Brown 01
PhiNesse Brows Pen is a very precise pencil for drawing eyebrows, ideal for a natural look. The very fine tip enables an extremely detailed application. It even allows the drawing of individual hairs, which leads to an imitation of microblading. The pen is ideal for make-up artists and beauticians who either want to give their clients a natural eyebrow look or want to show what microblading would look like. PhiNesse Brows Pen is smudge-proof, waterproof and lasts all day.
PhiNesse Brows Pen - Medium Brown 02
PhiNesse Brows Pen contours the eyebrows and makes them appear fuller. The precise end of the pen allows you to fill in the brows and even draw individual lines to create a natural make-up look. Missing natural hairs can be optimally replaced. The pencil is suitable for professional use and offers the possibility of imitating microblading thanks to its fine tip. This allows you to demonstrate to your clients during the consultation how this technique would look on their face. PhiNesse Brows Pen is smudge-proof, waterproof and long-lasting.
PhiNesse Brows Pen - Deep Brown 03
PhiNesse Brows Pen is a pen for contouring the eyebrows and filling in too thin areas and missing hairs. It is designed for professional use and its fine tip makes it easy to use. Furthermore, it offers the option of drawing very precise lines to achieve an especially natural and realistic result. By drawing the strokes, microblading can be imitated to show the expected result to clients who are interested in this technique but do not dare to have the treatment done yet. PhiNesse Brows Pen is smudge-proof, waterproof and extremely long-lasting.
PhiNesse Brows Pen Set
Our PhiNesse Brows Pens are a perfect solution to clients who are thinking about microblading, but want to see what it could look like first. With a fine tip, the pens are able to create precise hairs to fill in eyebrows and imitate microblading results.In addition, it is a great everyday makeup tool to contour the brows and fill in thinner areas of brow hair. PhiNesse Brows Pens are smudge-proof, waterproof and extremely long-lasting.With the PhiNesse Corrector Pen, small make-up mistakes can be corrected without having to redo the entire make-up. The sharp tip allows precise contouring in the brow area.The Set includes: 1x PhiNesse Brows Pen - Light Brown 011x PhiNesse Brows Pen - Medium Brown 021x PhiNesse Brows Pen - Deep Brown 031x PhiNesse Corrector Pen