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During treatment care

PhiBrows Block Tonic 5ml 100pcs
The PhiBrows Block Tonic Solution comes in a pack of 100 x 5ml liquid designed for PhiBrows microblading, PhiContour PMU, and PhiLings or PhiBright microneedling treatments. Formulated with a focus on the astringent and haemostatic properties of its key ingredient, Potassium Alum, this tonic is the cornerstone of skin preparation and recovery, efficiently controlling bleeding and reducing pore size for efficient healing.   Astringent properties: Potassium Alum is known for its ability to contract cell tissues in the skin. Haemostatic properties: Potassium Alum also slows bleeding through the blood vessels. Precisely portioned: Every 5ml solution is measured for single-use. Soothing & regenerative: Enriched with Panthenol and Aloe Vera, it calms and nurtures the skin, speeding up the natural healing process. Liquid form advantage: Its fluid nature ensures ease of application and swift absorption, allowing the skin to benefit from the full strength of its healing components.
PhiWipes Block Tonic Wipes 20/1
These individually packed multifunctional wipes soaked with Block Tonic are created to suit the needs of microneedling, microblading and PMU artists. The combination of ingredients create a blend that encourages healthy, smooth healing. The individual packaging keeps the wipes moist and fresh, and completely sanitary for each client’s treatment. Using the Block Tonic Wipes during and after microblading, microneedling or PMU treatments helps slow potential bleeding in the treatment area, which leads to less scabbing and better healing. The ingredient Potassium Alum has astringent as well as haemostatic properties. When something is astringent, it causes skin and tissue cells to contract. When something is haemostatic, it slows down blood flow through blood vessels. The wipes also contain Panthenol - an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic skin protectant that encourages skin regenreation, as well as Aloe Leaf Juice to soothe the skin.

Block Tonic & Phi Wipes: The perfect during treatment care

Block tonic formula as during treatment care

One thing should not be neglected during the microblading treatment: The right care. Block Tonic and Phi Wipes combined with the proper toolsblades and pigments make the difference – to ensure a pleasant and beneficial treatment, not only for clients but microblading artists too.

For PhiShop quality is always in the spotlight. The Block Tonic products are applied to quicken the healing after microblading. Therefore, it is enormously important to use high-quality products with valuable ingredients that can support this during the treatment as well.

Accelerate the healing process with Block Tonic

The use of high-quality equipment is essential for beautiful results. However, the thorough care during treatments helps to accelerate the microblading healing. The Block Tonic products, like Phi Wipes, prevent possible unwanted side effects during the treatment and protect the skin in the long term.

With Block Tonic products, bleeding can be slowed down, which benefits the healing process. With an effective combination of ingredients, they help regenerate the skin and preserve the natural protective barrier. This makes Block Tonic an important part during a microblading treatment.

Block Tonic & Phi Wipes

Block Tonic formula is based on selected components. The main ingredient is Potassium Alum – it specifically promotes the contraction of pores. This effect helps slow down bleeding.

The Phi Wipes are enriched with the nutrient-rich Block Tonic Serum. Therefore, their benefit is the reduction of bleeding as well as keeping crusts as small as possible. The practical Phi Wipes are perfect for usage during microblading treatments.

Block Tonic & more for perfect results

The Block Tonic and Phi Wipes are ideal for care during microblading treatments. Discover our products around microblading for high-quality equipment:

Buy Block Tonic products – reliably from PhiShop

We guarantee the best quality at the best prices. If you have any questions regarding our block tonic products or any other matters, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Care department.