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Microblading Advanced Latex Training Kit
Microblading Advanced Latex Training Kit is a practice kit for training microblading and shading techniques on latex. This kit is suitable for beginners and advanced artists. It is designed for students and artists to practice and improve microblading and shading, as well as for advanced artists who want to try new patterns and techniques. The kit contains: - Latex: 6x double-sided printed latex practice skins with various shapes, created by the most experienced masters of the PhiAcademy.- Tools: 10 disposable tools, each containing a microblading blade (304 Blade) and a shading needle (3R Blade).- Practice Pigment: Practice Ink for exclusive use on latex.- 3D latex pad which provides a realistic practice feel.- 10 pigment rings for easy application of the pigment.- 5 Phi Wipes for cleaning the pigment on the latex. With the Microblading Advanced Latex Training Kit you will perfect your skills and learn new spines and techniques! ** Attention: The products are not sterile! Only suitable for practising on latex!
Practising Latex printed shape and outlines 3pcs
The Practising Latex Printed Shape and Outlines is a practice skin used for learning and perfecting microblading techniques. The practice skin is printed with different shapes and outlines. This allows various exercises to be carried out to learn or perfect precise hair drawing. The extra soft texture of the latex practice pad closely resembles human skin. One pack contains 3 Practising Latex Printed Shape and Outlines.
Practising Latex blank 3pcs
Convenient latex practice pad, blank. Helps you how to learn to do high quality work on life models. Extra soft, skin like color, texture very close to human skin. Practice makes perfection.
Save €3.10! -20%
Regular: €15.50*
Microblading Practice Latex 6pcs
Specially designed practice latex pads for a whole new level of experience. Use patterns created by the most popular PhiAcademy Masters to practice your technique. Some of the world’s best brow patterns available in one place for a totally unique experience in self-development. Each latex pad provides various eyebrow patterns for you to trace and practice different styles.  Extremely flexible. Feels like real skin to the touch. Trace over the provided eyebrow strokes to achieve perfect precision, achieve balance in your technique and proper command over your strokes. Use these pads to perfect your shading skills as well. Great for beginners and professionals who want to achieve a totally new level in terms of technique. Each latex pad is double sided, for maximum practice. Get the most out of the multitude of tracing options our practice latex pads provide, develop your skills and watch your level of creativity increase. 
Save €5.40! -20%
Regular: €27.00*
Phi Practising Silicone 5pcs
The Phi Practising Silicone is a silicone sheet designed for students, artists and advanced professionals to practice microblading techniques. The silicone is unprinted, so you can practice not only the creation of individual hairs, but also the shape drawing. The sheet itself is transparent and comes with a picture of a face to be placed underneath. The PhiPractising silicone thus ensures realistic training of various microblading patterns and techniques. Attention: Not suitable for use with machines! One pack contains 5 pieces with different facial images.
Latex Skin Pad with Stand
A 3D exercise latex that imitates a face through its shape, imitating the treatment on a real model. The anti-slip stand provides stability and control, while the high quality latex mimics human skin to provide an optimal exercise surface.
Save €4.80! -20%
Regular: €24.00*
PhiBrows Practice Ink 10 ml
PhiBrows Practice Ink is a special formula of microblading pigment designed for use on practice skin (latex). The pigment has the same quality and consistency as our regular PhiBrows pigments. PhiBrows Practice Ink sticks well to the blade and creates clear and fine lines without a blurred effect. Therefore, the practice pigment is ideal for practicing the microblading technique and taking it to a new level. The practice pigment in a universal colour is ideal for beginners and professionals who want to perfect their technique every day. ATTENTION: Do not use on the skin! Use only for practice purposes on practice skin, such as Microblading Practice Latex.
Phi Bold Blade 16 pins 50pcs
Suitable for PHIGLOW HOLDER (central) and for UNIVERSAL HOLDER (central) Phi Bold Blade is a 16 pin extremely precise blade with needles arranged in a unique shape, which makes it the perfect go-to needle for natural like strokes with various styles. Its specially designed pointed tips crafted for creating micro-precision strokes, sharpened to highest precision and with dual action. The blade is composed of two sides which multiplies the number of looks you can create. Use the longer side of the blade to create normal strokes and the short side for achieving very short connected strokes. While using the blade switch sides for creating the desired strokes and combine both different effects into one flawless look.
Practice Silicone Blank