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Microneedling products in the online shop 

With microneedling, the skin is treated with fine needles and specially produced serums. This micro-irritation of skin areas stimulates regeneration and ensures a fresh complexion. At PhiShop you can buy professional microneedling products, from the serum to the aftercare. With PhiBright  and PhiLings, PhiShop presents two product lines that redefine microneedling equipment. These high-quality, natural products are suitable for lots of skin types and produce promising results.

Microneedling products in the online shop 

You can find everything you need for your treatments in our microneedling online shop:

From lots of serums to microneedling devices to needle attachments and practical tools, you can buy the entire range of microneedling products at PhiShop. Gels and aftercare products round off the range in the microneedling online shop. With microneedling sets from PhiBright you already have all the serums that you need as a professional for a personalised treatment.

Microneedling equipment: serums and care 

An essential part of every microneedling set are high-quality needling serums. PhiBright serums can be individually adapted to any skin type, depending on the needs of your customers. PhiLings microneedling gels and creams provide you with ready-made microneedling products for specific skin areas, from Scar Serum to Stretch Mark Serum.

With the PhiShop microneedling products you can give the skin what it needs both before and after treatment. Surfaces and skin areas are perfectly prepared with PhiSepto and PhiWipes. Sheet masks and needling care products for home use guarantee the right aftercare and a radiant result.

Needling products from devices to tools

Find microneedling products that you can rely on at PhiShop. The needling devices Simplicity Artist or Masterthe Barbor Spot Reducer or the Phi-ION Pro produce the best results. Thanks to a wide array of attachments and cartridges, the devices are suitable for a variety of treatments.

You can also buy practical tools like connectors, applicators, marker pens and other products for microneedling at PhiShop. The Comedoextractor has the right attachments for removing blackheads. Microneedling Rollers and PhiNoderm are for gentle needling use at home.

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Already won over by our microneedling products? Our online shop has other exciting items for cosmetic treatments – and they're all of Phi's usual high quality.

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