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During Treatment Care

Bioneedling Powder
Bioneedling (Bio Microneedling) Powder is a groundbreaking cosmetic innovation! With hydrolyzed sponge as its primary ingredient, it is crafted for professional skincare treatments. It's designed to enhance the efficacy of PhiAcademy microneedling serums, allowing for deeper penetration of their active ingredients into the skin. This helps treatments to become more effective, leading to visibly improved skin health and appearance. Hydrolyzed sponge not only maximizes the absorption of the serums, but also increases their benefits. Overall, this add-on to a microneedling treatment is potent solution for optimized skin rejuvenation. Benefits: Improved Penetration: Ensures deeper delivery of active ingredients for improved efficiency and results. Reduction of Skin Imperfections: Effectively minimizes visibility of hyperpigmentation spots, scars, wrinkles, and other skin concerns. Improved Skin Texture: Promotes a smoother skin texture. Rejuvenation and Repair: Helps in the skin's natural regeneration process, improving overall complexion. Versatility: Suitable for various skin types, offering a wide range of rejuvenation benefits.   It is possible that post-treatment, the skin may be sensitive. This can include a mild burning sensation, redness or swelling. However, this typically goes away within 48 to 72 hours. Please note, that it is important that the bioneedling powder should only be applied on healthy skin, and should avoid contact with the eyes.
PhiBrows Block Tonic 5ml 100pcs
The PhiBrows Block Tonic Solution comes in a pack of 100 x 5ml liquid designed for PhiBrows microblading, PhiContour PMU, and PhiLings or PhiBright microneedling treatments. Formulated with a focus on the astringent and haemostatic properties of its key ingredient, Potassium Alum, this tonic is the cornerstone of skin preparation and recovery, efficiently controlling bleeding and reducing pore size for efficient healing.   Astringent properties: Potassium Alum is known for its ability to contract cell tissues in the skin. Haemostatic properties: Potassium Alum also slows bleeding through the blood vessels. Precisely portioned: Every 5ml solution is measured for single-use. Soothing & regenerative: Enriched with Panthenol and Aloe Vera, it calms and nurtures the skin, speeding up the natural healing process. Liquid form advantage: Its fluid nature ensures ease of application and swift absorption, allowing the skin to benefit from the full strength of its healing components.
PhiFoil Face 100pcs
PhiFoil is a skin foil mask intended for various purposes during facial treatments. It boosts the effect of various skin gels and creams, such as skin thermo gels and other leave on skin formulas. Also ideal  for strengthening the effect of anesthesia, by applying on the skin while the anesthetic is working on.