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Microneedling Cartridges & Needles

Find Your Perfect Microneedling Cartridge

A proper microneedling cartridge with sharp needles is a necessity for a successful microneedling treatment. At PhiShop you can find microneedling cartridges for different machines in several designs, suitable for individual treatments. You can choose from a broad selection of high-quality microneedling needles and microneedling cartridges for various techniques or preferences.

Microneedling Applicators for Every Technique

Whether you have decided to use electrically operated machines such as the Simplicity or if you prefer a manual technique – we have the right microneedling applicator for every Microneedling Machine.

Every product has its advantages: Roller Blades for the Universal Holder are designed for gentle mechanical use. The Simplicity enables multiple pulses per minute. Its matching microneedling cartridge with 12 needles is perfect for applying the Microneedling Serums.

High-Quality Microneedling Needles for Flawless Results

At PhiShop, the quality of the products always has top priority. Only premium materials are used for the microneedling cartridges and the production is supervised at every step. We see this as necessary to promises smooth treatments and flawless results. 
Our microneedling cartridges were developed in cooperation with several artists and are perfectly tailored to the needs of professionals. Order your high-quality microneedling needles now and experience the unique results by yourself.

Everything Regarding Microneedling Cartridges

In order to provide your clients with successful treatments, suitable microneedling cartridges and needles are an essential. All other necessary products for microneedling treatments can also be found at PhiShop:

Buy Microneedling Cartridges & More – at PhiShop

We guarantee the best quality at the best prices. If you have any questions regarding our microneedling cartridges or any other matters, please don't hesitate to contact our  Customer Care department.