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The Perfect Microneedling Tool for Professionals 

In addition to a microneedling appliance, the correctly selected microneedling needles & cartridges and the appropriate microneedling serum, you also need one or the other microneedling tool for a successful treatment. A microneedling tool from PhiShop leads to precise, flawless results.
The most important thing with microneedling accessories, just like with all products at PhiShop, is the quality. Microneedling accessories are a necessity for the very precise work that microneedling requires. A flawless result can only be achieved with a high-quality microneedling tool.

Everything About Microneedling: Accessories for Artists

It isn't just the basics of a microneedling treatment that are standard. Artists know that it takes more than machines and attachments. At PhiShop you will find all kinds of microneedling tools – everything that can contribute to a professional treatment.
The product variety of microneedling accessories includes, for example, protective films that ensure safety and hygiene at your workplace. Various transparent face shields also ensure perfect hygiene. You will also find high-quality classics at PhiShop, such as a Blackhead Remover or outstanding accessories such as the Comedo Extractor.

The Right Microneedling Tool for Every Treatment

Microneedling can mean various applications and techniques within our artists' world. For example, whether you are giving a PhiBright treatment or a PhiLings treatment, the PhiShop microneedling tools are useful for every technique. The microneedling accessories in our product range are simply a helpful companion in every situation.

The areas of application of microneedling tools are limitless. The Phi Dermaplaning Scalpels, for example, are sterile disposable blades that are ideal for dermaplaning treatments. The Comedo Extractor is the perfect skincare product for safe blackhead removal. You can find these microneedling accessories and much more at PhiShop Microneedling Tools.

Microneedling Accessories & More 

There are various microneedling accessories that you should not do without in order to achieve results that are as precise as possible. However, other products are of course required for a treatment – you can find the entire range at PhiShop:

Buy Microneedling Tools – Worry-free at PhiShop 

We guarantee the best quality at the best prices. If you have any questions regarding your Microneedling Tool or regarding anything else, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care department.