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Permanent Make-Up Machines

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Professional Permanent Makeup Machines

A professional permanent makeup machine is the most essential item for every permanent makeup treatment. Choosing the right PMU machine is easy at PhiShop: Every model comes with state-of-the-art features und promises the best quality for premium results. Add PhiShop PMU cartridgesPMU toolsand PMU pigments to your PMU routine and experience our high-quality products yourself.

Permanent Makeup Machines for Beginners & Pros

At PhiShop you will find a PMU machine that matches your technique and skillset. 

The Simplicity permanent makeup machine is perfect for various skill levels. When you buy this PMU machine, you can choose between the "Artist" model or the "Master" model. The "Artist" permanent makeup machine is perfect for those who are just now starting their artist career. This PMU machine stands out with its attractive price and includes all the basic features you need.

The Best Professional PMU Machine

The "Simplicity Master" permanent makeup machine is a fantastic choice for advanced artists. The combination of the powerful German motor with Korean perfection makes this PMU machine a real game changer. With a digital display on the headpiece and particularly quiet motor technology you will find that new benchmarks have been set in the world of permanent makeup machines.

Permanent Makeup Pens & Accessories

Not only PMU machines, but everything you need for successful permanent makeup treatments can be found at PhiShop: 

Buy PMU Machines at PhiShop

We guarantee the best quality at the best prices. If you have any questions regarding our PMU machines or any other matters, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Care department.