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Tattoo Pigments

Tattoo pigments of the highest quality 

The tattoo pigments from PhiShop have been specifically developed for tattoo machines and meet the highest quality standards. The pigments and their ingredients have been developed with precision and are of exceptional quality. In addition, they comply with the guidelines set out in the EU Regulation 2022 and are, therefore, not affected by the tattoo colour ban.

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Tattoo pigments for lining & shading 

There are several steps involved in getting a tattoo. We have the right tattoo pigments for different types of tattooing: The lining pigment can be used to make precise lines and fine strokes. The shading pigment is suitable for flat tattoo elements.

More pigments for cosmetic treatments:

Discover tattoo pigments & accessories 

The PhiTattoo product range not only contains tattoo pigments, but also practical tattoo accessories: Tools from practice skin to aftercare assist you in your work and add the finishing touches to the tattoo.

With the sophisticated products from PhiRemoval, faded or unwanted tattoo pigments can be easily removed.

Tattoo colours & buy more online 

If our tattoo products inspire you, discover the wider world of PhiShop. Visit our online shop for a broad range of beauty offers:

Buy tattoo colours - with confidence from the PhiShop 

We guarantee the best quality on the best terms. If you have any questions about our tattoo pigments or other concerns, please contact our customer care.