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PhiBrows Microblading Pigment Collection SUPER
The PhiBrows Microblading Pigment Collection SUPER includes 5x 5ml SUPER pigments. This practical kit contains five different pigments, ideal for microblading on the following natural hair colors: 1x 5ml Brown 1: Natural blondes 1x 5ml Brown 2: Natural brunettes 1x 5ml Brown 3: Dark hair 1x 5ml Golden Brown: Very light blonde natural hair 1x 5ml Fox: Natural red heads   All our SUPER Pigments are: hypoallergenic not tested on animals vegan meet EU safety regulations. Our pigments have clean ingredients and vivid long-lasting color. There has been extensive research into optimizing how the pigments are made, with customer satisfaction, health, and safety as the main motivation. The SUPER pigments do not discolor the skin around the eyebrow itself, but apply a vivid color where the microblading strokes are.
PhiBrows Microblading Basic Pigment Collection SUPER
The PhiBrows Microblading Basic Pigment Collection SUPER includes 3x 5ml SUPER pigments. Matching the pigment to the hair color of the client is crucial to the success of great microblading results. In this set are the base colors, which are to be mixed to create custom blends. Therefore, it is more suited to advanced artists with pigment mixing knowledge.   This 3 piece Microblading Basic Pigment Collection SUPER, consists of: 1x 5ml Black 1x 5ml Yellow 1x 5ml Red   These three base pigments are intended to be mixed to create a great color match for your client, regardless of natural hair color. This can be achieved by referring to color theory from microblading training. By combining black, yellow (both synthetic based) and red (iron oxide based) pigment shades, our SUPER pigments have optimized stability and warmth of color. This creates impressive, longer-lasting color results post microblading treatment.   All our SUPER Pigments are: hypoallergenic not tested on animals vegan meet EU safety regulations. PhiBrows pigments contain clean ingredients, which are blended to give durable color. After years of research, the blends have been optimized with customer safety and satisfaction as the main motivation. The SUPER pigments are stable, which prevents the color spreading under the skin. This leaves crisp strokes and color.
PhiLashes Tweezer Adhesive Remover
The PhiLashes Tweezer Adhesive Remover is ideal for quickly and thoroughly cleaning tweezers after an eyelash extension treatment. During the treatment, glue can sometimes get stuck on the tweezers. The glue then becomes particularly stubborn and very difficult to remove. When scraping off, the tweezers can easily be damaged, which may cause them to no longer close completely and become unusable. Our PhiLashes Tweezer Adhesive Remover helps with easy clean up. Not only does it contain a cleansing liquid, but also sponge-like balls. With their soft and flexible texture, they help to thoroughly clean the tweezers without damaging them.
PhiLashes Glue Storage Tank
The PhiLashes Glue Storage Tank is the perfect storage for lash glue. Tightly sealed by a vacuum, it protects the glue from drying out when not in use between treatments. The tank holds several bottles of Lash Glue. Place the bottles in the Lash Glue Storage Tank, close the lid and activate the vacuum by pressing the button.
PhiLashes Dry Cotton Pads 200pcs
PhiLashes Dry Cotton Pads are white, dry cotton pads specially designed for use in the beauty salon. Thanks to their tangle-free texture, they are perfect for efficiently removing adhesive residue from tweezers, bottle caps and other cosmetic tools. This means that no residue is left behind during cleaning. The pads can also be used for other purposes, such as removing nail polish.
Heat Gun
The Heat Gun is a heat gun that heats special shrink film to shrink it and create a hygienic protective cover for products in your salon. It is made from ABS plastic, so it is fairly lightweight and lies easily in your hand due to its ergonomic design. A fire may result if the appliances are not used with care! Do not use in the presence of an explosive atmosphere. Do not apply to the same area for longer periods. Be aware that invisible combustible materials may also be affected by the heat generated by the appliance. Place the appliance on its stand after use and allow it to cool before storing. Specifications Handheld heat gun, model MF 300 Voltage: 230V Frequency: 50HZ - 60HZ Power: 300W Temperature: 200 ℃ Colour: Black Material: ABS Size: 22.5 x 4.5cm
Microblading After Care Foam (50ml)
Microblading After Care Foam is a soothing facial cleansing foam, which is used after microblading and PMU treatments. It contains active components with a beneficial effect on pigment retention. It is suitable for all skin types, especially for oily and mixed skin.
Phi Cosmetic Case
A stylish cosmetic case with enough storage space for all your beauty products - if you do your treatments on the go. The compartments are divided into four fold-out small compartments and one large compartment for items that take up more space. The small compartments are very suitable for storing pigments or eyelashes. The bag's dimensions are length 280 mm x width 190 mm x height 255 mm. It has the Phi logo in gold.
PhiSlippers - 15pairs
Comfortable slippers made of velour, open at the front. With 5 mm thick foam footbed throughout and 5 mm high outsole. Hygienically individually packed. A hygienic option so that customers do not have to wear street shoes on the salon beds, which is also gentle on the furniture in the salon. Comfortable slip-on model. Combines comfort and style. A great choice for your clients to wear in the salon to make them feel relaxed. Colour: white with black logo. Contains 15 pairs. Sizes: EU 38 (24cm), 40 (25.3cm), 42 (26.7cm).