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Welcome to the 'next-level' World of Phi:

Hidden Destiny!

Join in the fun, broaden your knowledge, and earn rewards! Start your journey and set up your own salon, increasing your education and experience in the industry. Specialize and develop your skills in salon service, hygiene and build an in-depth knowledge about the beauty business. 

 Even better? Play and see if you are destined for sweet success! The better you perform, the higher the chances of winning great prizes. Exciting? Get the game and let the fun start!

How does it work?

Each step is completely up to you! 

Customize everything, from your Avatar to your own salon. 
Are you feeling simplistic, or fabulous? You call the shots. 

Let's get started!

Customize your avatar - either as yourself or a new artist you would like to coach through the World of Phi. 

Do you want to dress to impress, or for less stress?

Next, get inspired and check out the PhiAcademy courses. Build up your knowledge and choose which skills you want to master.  

Test what you know and get the answers right, and you will level up and earn rewards! 

Are you destined for ultimate success?

Enjoy and work through the different scenarios and earn rewards. 
Choose what you want to trade your 'earnings' for!
There is also the chance to compete against other artists with a scoreboard - which can be seen across time or just on the day you play.

Discover your Hidden Destiny!

Check out our newest products

Lashes Lifting Sachet Set
This Lashes Lifting Set has all 3 sachets needed for the treatment process - covering steps 1, 2 and 3. The treatment creates naturally lifted and even lashes without the need for mascara. Step 1 - The Lashes Lifting Cream Sachet* is applied to no more than half way up the lashes. This creates a long-lasting lifting, volume boosting effect for the lash. Step 2 - The Lashes Lifting Neutralising Sachet* is used to lock in the lifting effect of Step 1. In addition, the neutralising solution helps prevent damage to the lashes and creates a healthy shine. Step 3 - The Lashes Lifting Moisturising Serum Sachet* is applied to gently detach the lashes from the silicone shield used during treatment. The sachet has a nourishing effect on the lash line itself. Eyelashes are left evenly spread, soft and healthy. Each Lashes Lifting Set contains: 10x Lashes Lifting Cream Sachets 1,5ml 10x Lashes Lifting Neutralising Sachets 1,5ml 10x Lashes Lifting Moisturising Serum Sachets 1,5ml Each (1) sachet is sufficient for approximately 3-4 treatments. *Please refer very closely to the Lashes Lifting Treatment Manual instructions to allow the correct developing time of the sachets at each step. In addition to its remarkable lash lifting benefits, this versatile Lashes Lifting Sachet Set can also be used for brow lifting, giving you perfectly sculpted and well-defined eyebrows. Transform your brows to achieve a more youthful and polished appearance with ease.   For even more detailed information about the Lashes Lifting process and some top tips, check out our dedicated landing page here
PhiBrows Microblading Pigment Collection SUPE + PhiBlade Disposable Tool 18 U Ecc 0.18 20pcs
This product set includes our PhiBrows Microblading Pigment Collection with 5 different SUPE pigment colors, as well as 20 pieces of our PhiBlade Disposable Tool 18 U Ecc. 0.18. These two products form a perfect combination for microblading artists. The SUPE Microblading pigment set contains the following pigment colors, suitable for the following natural hair colors: 1x 5ml Brown 1: Natural blondes 1x 5ml Brown 2: Natural brunettes 1x 5ml Brown 3: Dark hair 1x 5ml Golden Brown: Very light blonde natural hair 1x 5ml Fox: Natural red heads Our pigments adhere to current regulations.   The PhiBlade Disposable Tool 18 U Ecc. 0.18 is made for creating individual strokes. 18 needles are positioned in a U shape - great to create curved strokes. The tool comes with a sterilized micro applicator – which is to rub pigment in the eyebrows.
Hair Booster Serum + Tri-MP6
The Hair Booster Serum Set consits of two Microneedling products that help improve hair strength and encourage growth. Microneedling Hair Booster Serum The Microneedling Hair Booster Serum is packed full of top ingredients to protect, nourish and strengthen existing hair, as well as encourage new hair growth. It should be applied on clean and healthy scalp skin. Plastic Cartr., Revo Tri-MP6 This new cartridge with innovative 6-needle technology is ideal for skin treatments intending to create multiple microchannels to optimize product absorption. There is a serum connector on the neck of the cartridge for easy product transfer and insertion. It can also be used with Simplicity Machines. The amount of needles make it possible to cover a large area of the skin, which makes it perfect for usage on the scalp. This set contains: 1x Microneedling Hair Booster Serum set 3ml - 5pcs 1 x Disposable Plastic Cartr., Revo Tri-MP6 (2.00) - 4pcs
Hair Booster Serum 5/1
This Microneedling Hair Booster Serum is packed full of great ingredients which support the strengthening, protection, generation and nourishment of hair. To mention a few and what their effects are: Creatine: preserves and strengthens Panthenol, hyaluronic acid: moisturizes and regenerates Redensyl: protects and promotes growth Darkenyl: restores pigmentation and prevents weakness The serum should be used in combination with PhiShop’s Microneedling Applicator.This Microneedling Hair Booster Serum should be only on healthy, clean scalp skin. It should be applied before going to bed, to allow effective product penetration, absorption and optimize results.