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About Phishop

PhiShop is a world-leading online shop for beauty products based in Austria. We offer everything you need in order to perform high-quality beauty treatments such as permanent make-up and microblading. We deliver to 160 countries all over the world.

What is PhiAcademy?

PhiAcademy offers courses in different permanent make-up techniques and other beauty treatments. We have a network of 250 trainers worldwide. Develop your beauty treatment skills with one of our classes!


Our courses teach a semi-permanent technique for hyper-realistic eyebrow drawing. This technique is intended for anyone who wants to correct aesthetic problems with their eyebrows. 

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Learn the skill of semi-permanent drawing of eyelids or lips with this course. PhiContour offers different techniques to correct natural defects but also to highlight contours.

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We teach you a cosmetic treatment, which combines two revolutionary techniques that require no surgery: Phi-Ion and Microneedling for skin rejuvenation and skin irregularities.

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Learn this method, where lash extensions are applied to the natural lashes. Eyelash extension is about adding length, volume, and creating a style that NO mascara or strip lash can deliver.

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Our Bestsellers

Take a look at which of our products are the most popular.

PhiHair Taupe B
Hair extensions for professional use. Choose between different lengths.
from €73.00*
save 13%
Hair Booster Serum + Tri-MP6
The Hair Booster Serum Set consits of two Microneedling products that help improve hair strength and encourage growth. Microneedling Hair Booster Serum The Microneedling Hair Booster Serum is packed full of top ingredients to protect, nourish and strengthen existing hair, as well as encourage new hair growth. It should be applied on clean and healthy scalp skin. Plastic Cartr., Revo Tri-MP6 This new cartridge with innovative 6-needle technology is ideal for skin treatments intending to create multiple microchannels to optimize product absorption. There is a serum connector on the neck of the cartridge for easy product transfer and insertion. It can also be used with Simplicity Machines. The amount of needles make it possible to cover a large area of the skin, which makes it perfect for usage on the scalp. This set contains: 1x Microneedling Hair Booster Serum set 3ml - 5pcs 1 x Disposable Plastic Cartr., Revo Tri-MP6 (2.00) - 4pcs
PhiContour Flame Pigment 10ml
PhiContour pigment is designed for permanent make-up treatments and is suitable for professional use in the salon. We ensure that our pigments meet all the requirements for ingredients as specified by the new EU Pigment & Tattoo Ink Regulation 2022.
Sonic Massager - Hot & Cold
The Sonic Massager is a sound-wave massage device for the face which, depending on its function, improves blood circulation and metabolism, removes harmful substances from the skin and much more. Hot mode opens pores allowing an effective skin cleaning and a better, deeper penetration of cosmetic products, greatly hydrating the skin. Cold mode minimises the look of large pores, calms the skin giving it a refreshed and rejuvenated look.
save 10%
PhiBrows Microblading Pigment Collection SUPER + Disposable Tool with U24 Nano Blade 20pcs
This set includes the PhiBrows Microblading Pigment Collection SUPER as well as 20 Disposable Tools with U24 Nano Blade. The PhiBrows Microblading Pigment Collection SUPER contains the following 5 different pigments with vivid and long-lasting color to match the following natural hair tones: 1x 5ml Brown 1: Natural blondes 1x 5ml Brown 2: Natural brunettes 1x 5ml Brown 3: Dark hair 1x 5ml Golden Brown: Very light blonde natural hair 1x 5ml Fox: Natural red heads Our SUPER pigments comply with current regulations. The Disposable Tool with U24 Nano Blade is a microblading tool ideal for drawing curved, individual strokes. With the blade being made up of 24 ultra-fine nano needles, it allows for even and exact penetration. The tool comes with a sterilized micro applicator at the opposite end to the blade – which is to rub pigment into the eyebrows.
PhiFusion Jive Night Cream 50ml
A balancing night cream intended for problematic skin that needs repair and regeneration.  Rich of vitamins and antioxidants it provides an advanced skin detox during night time and boosts skin cells turnover.  Vitamins A, C and E act as an amazing skin cocktail which will soothe skin imbalances, without irritation. Niacinamide deeply acts on pores, getting rid of all impurities.  Panthenol and hyaluronic acid soothe the skin, give the proper nourishment while acting on skin inflammation and pimples. The creatine extract addition to the formula, makes it completely balanced to take advanced care of skin types which are both problematic and sensitive skin at the same time.  The cream has amazing skin rebuilding properties, it reduces discoloration and improves skin texture. 
PhiFusion Jive Purifying Spot Reducer Correction Cream 30ml
Skin mattifying  formula intended for oily and problematic skin prone to imperfections. Deeply acts on clogged pores, blackheads and pimples, reducing the inflammation and preventing the formation of new ones.  Rich with B3 vitamin which provides faster skin regeneration and balances the skin protective barrier. Also enriched with hamamelis extracts, which is number one soothing ingredient for problematic skin. With a daily use of this formula, skin imperfections as well as skin spots are slightly reduces and balanced. 
Phi Cleansing Emulsion Face and Body
Phi Cleansing Emulsion is used before and after tattoos, PMU, Microblading, Microneedling or other cosmetic treatments where the integrity of the skin barrier is disturbed. It is made from pure vegetable oils and glycerine, with an addition of sea pine bark extract. It has excellent cleansing properties as well as a soothing effect. Unlike other cleansing products, the oils in the emulsion provide the skin with extra moisture, which prevents further irritation and drying of the skin after treatment. With its exceptional ingredients, Phi Cleansing Emulsion stimulates the skin and accelerates the renewal of surface cells. Phi Cleansing Emulsion not only reduces redness and soothes irritated skin, but also has antioxidant properties and helps fight free radicals. It is suitable for sensitive skin as it is made from natural substances. 
Microblading Advanced Latex Training Kit
Microblading Advanced Latex Training Kit is a practice kit for training microblading and shading techniques on latex. This kit is suitable for beginners and advanced artists. It is designed for students and artists to practice and improve microblading and shading, as well as for advanced artists who want to try new patterns and techniques. The kit contains: - Latex: 6x double-sided printed latex practice skins with various shapes, created by the most experienced masters of the PhiAcademy.- Tools: 10 disposable tools, each containing a microblading blade (304 Blade) and a shading needle (3R Blade).- Practice Pigment: Practice Ink for exclusive use on latex.- 3D latex pad which provides a realistic practice feel.- 10 pigment rings for easy application of the pigment.- 5 Phi Wipes for cleaning the pigment on the latex. With the Microblading Advanced Latex Training Kit you will perfect your skills and learn new spines and techniques! ** Attention: The products are not sterile! Only suitable for practising on latex!
Disposable Face Mask - 10pcs
Disposable face mask - reduces the transmission of diseases and particles from the environment. These masks should be disposed of after each use - 3-layer construction- 10 pieces of masks This Product is not intended for medical purposes!