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PhiShop's Guide to Lash Lift Treatments: Enhance Natural Lashes

PhiShop's Guide to Lash Lift Treatments: Enhance Natural Lashes

What is Lashes Lifting? 

In the world of beauty treatments, lash lifts have gained huge popularity. A lash lift is a popular procedure designed to enhance the natural eyelashes by curling and lifting them. It goes by different names such as lash lamination, lash perm, and permanent lash curling.

The main goal of a professional lash lift is to create a more elevated and open look for the lashes, providing increased volume and the illusion of length. Essentially, it is to enhance natural lashes! This means no more eyelash curlers, mascara, or extensions needed!

This guide will take you through the basic step-by-step process of lash lifting, essential products, pre-treatment considerations, and aftercare tips to ensure you achieve the highest quality results.

The Lash Lift Procedure: 3 Steps to Success! 

A lash lift procedure involves three essential steps: lifting, neutralizing, and moisturizing.Each step plays an important role in creating a beautiful curl and maintaining the health of your lashes. Let's look into each step to understand the process and why it is so important.

Step 1: Lifting – To Create an Extraordinary Curl

During the lifting step, a specially formulated Lifting Cream is applied to the lashes, lifting them from the root and creating a curl. This step provides a voluminous effect, making your lashes appear longer and more voluminous.

Step 2: Neutralizing – To Secure the Lift Effect

The Neutralising Lotion is applied after the lifting step to secure the effect. It also forms a protective layer over the lashes, providing optimal health and safety of the hair throughout the treatment process.

Step 3: Moisturizing – To Nourish and Release the Lashes

The Moisturizing Serum is applied to gently release the lashes from the silicone shields used during the treatment. This step not only softens the lashes but also leaves them feeling healthy and moisturized, and looking shiny!

Essential Products for High-Quality Lash Lifts 

To perform a lash lift with the best possible results, there are some product must-haves. These products ensure that you as an artist, and your clients lashes are fully prepared for each step of the lash lift procedure. So, what are some of these key products?

PhiPatch – To Perform Skin Reaction Tests

The PhiPatch Test is great to assess and identify any potential skin reactions that clients may have to the products used during the lash lift. Testing for contact skin reactions to thioglycolate, an ingredient in the Lifting Cream, is particularly important. This test helps avoid any product irritation, ensuring a safe and pleasant experience for your clients. 

PhiFoam - Preparing the Lashes and Surrounding Skin

PhiFoam is a top all-rounder product, perfect for skin preparation for a huge range of treatments. In this case, the foam thoroughly cleanses and removes any oils and impurities from the lashes and the skin in and around the treatment area. Using a brush to reach areas between the lashes allows for a thorough clean. Fresh, clean eyes and lashes allows the lifting products to work optimally. 

Lashes Lifting Bio Gel Eye Patches - Holding Down Bottom Lashes 

These Lashes Lifting Bio Gel Eye Patches are designed to hold down the bottom lashes during the treatment. They are suitable for all skin types, ensuring comfort as well as protection for every client. 

PhiLashes Tape - Accessing Innermost Lashes 

PhiLashes Tape is a useful tool for lifting the upper eyelid, providing better access to the innermost lashes near the tear duct. It helps reach areas that may be harder to treat, ensuring even and detailed results – even for the smallest lashes!

During Treatment Tools

Lashes Lifting Silicone Shields Small 10pcs
The small shields are perfect for clients with short natural lashes and for those seeking a dramatic and a more intense lash lifting. Phi silicone shields come in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large. This provides clients multiple options of potential looks that could be created; by considering the length of their natural lashes and their preference and expectations of the final look from the lifting procedure. The smaller the shield used, the greater and more dramatic the lift is to be achieved. The shields come in white color, giving clear contrast to create ultimate precision.    For more detailed information about the Lashes Lifting process and some top tips, check out our dedicated landing page here
Lashes Lifting Bonder
Phi Lashes Lifting Bonder is intended to fix the eyelashes to the Silicone Shields prior to starting the lifting treatment. It provides the reassurance that lashes cannot shift during treatment.  In addition, the bonder can secure the Silicone Shield in place on the eyelid. With the Lashes Lifting Tool, gently fold the eye lashes back to secure onto the Silicone Shield where the Lashes Lifting Bonder has been applied. To ensure even spread of the eyelashes over the shield, use the Y-Brush Tool to perfectly separate the lashes.    For more detailed information about the Lashes Lifting process and some top tips, check out our dedicated landing page here
Lashes Lifting Tool
Phi Lashes Lifting Tool is a high-quality stainless-steel instrument which is a fundamental part of the lash lifting process.  Used for lifting and separating the lashes onto the Silicone Shield. Very sharp tip, convenient and comfortable to use soft grip, enables precise operation of the tool for a flawless lash lift process.   For more detailed information about the Lashes Lifting process and some top tips, check out our dedicated landing page here
Lashes Lifting Y-Brush Tool 10pcs
This tool is for use during Lashes Lifting treatment. It is used to comb the lashes, ensuring that they are properly spread out and separated along the silicon shields. The sections of the tool being wider allows the lash technician to work on multiple lashes simultaneously, helping increase efficiency during the treatment process. Applying the lifting cream with the Y brush ensures even coverage and optimal results.   Each pack contains 10 Y-Brush Tools.   For detailed information about the Lashes Lifting process and some top tips, check out our dedicated landing page here

Lashes Lifting Silicone Shields - Acting as a Protective Barrier and Forming the Curl

Silicone Shields are essential as they act as a barrier between the various lotions, creams, and serums used in the treatment and the delicate skin of the eyelid. Available in different sizes, they cater to varying lash lengths and desired lift effects. The small size is great for clients either with short natural lashes, as well as clients who would like a more noticeable, more dramatic eyelash lift. The larger silicone shields are crafted for clients with naturally longer lashes, or clients wanting a more subtle curl to be formed.

Lashes Lifting Bonder, Lashes Lifting Tool, and Y-Brush

The Lashes Lifting Bonder secures the eyelashes onto the silicone shields, while the Lashes Lifting Tool, made of high-quality stainless steel, helps position the lashes on the shields in combination with the bonder. These tools are essential for precise and effective lash placement. The Y-Brush tool is a super-handy tool to then comb through the lashes evenly, for optimal spread of product and to prepare even, symmetrical results.

Applying the Sachets

Lashes Lifting Cream, Neutralising Lotion and Moisturising Serum

The Lashes Lifting Cream and Lashes Lifting Neutralising Lotion work together to create and set the lift for a long-lasting effect. They are applied in sequence, and should be properly spread out and separated along the silicone shields for even coverage and optimal results. It is essential to pay close attention to the developing times of these solutions, as per guidelines learnt in the Lashes Lifting Educational Course at PhiAcademy. You can buy the sachets separately, or in a practical bundle.

The Dappen Dish – for Top-Tier Hygiene

This small Dappen Dish allows for the dosing and application of the sachet products. Ensure that each step has a thoroughly cleaned dappen dish to avoid mixing the different sachet solutions. This can negatively affect the entire treatment process and create inaccurate developing times.   

PhiLashes Micro Applicator - for Accurate and Delicate Application

The PhiLashes Micro Applicator is perfect for applying the lifting products with delicate movements and in precise amounts. Its small size allows for incredibly controlled and accurate application. Again, this is essential during these treatments where only the lower half of the lash should have product applied. If too much of the lash is covered, it can burn the tips and cause irreversible damage – so please refer closely to the development process and times taught in the PhiAcademy course.

Eyelash Analysis and Pre-treatment Considerations

Before Starting: Before the lash lift treatment is started, conducting an eyelash analysis is crucial. This analysis helps differentiate between lighter and darker natural lashes, finer and thicker lashes, and lashes of people from different ethnicities. Understanding these differences ensures that every client receives their optimal and beautiful lifted lashes. Being able to cater to different eyelash coarseness and arrangement is a great way to expand your client base, and offer lashes lifting treatments to more people!   

The Lash Lift Process  

The lash lift process involves carefully following the steps mentioned earlier: lifting, neutralizing (or, fixing), and moisturizing. Each step requires precise application techniques and attention to detail. Remember to refer to the Lashes Lifting Manual and the PhiAcademy Lashes Lifting course to ensure you perform the treatment accurately and safely.

Aftercare for Longer-Lasting Lifted Lashes

Proper lash lift aftercare and maintenance are essential to get the best lash lift results possible. Following these lash lift aftercare tips helps to increase the longevity of lift and curl of the lashes. Here are some top tips for looking after freshly lifted lashes.

  1. Keep lashes dry for the first 24 hours to allow the lifting solution to set properly.
  2. Avoid using mascara for the first 24 to 48 hours to prevent interference with the lift and curl of the lashes. If clients choose to resume using mascara (for that extra-dramatic effect), recommend water-based formulas and avoid waterproof options. 
  3. Be gentle with the lashes and avoid rubbing or touching, as it can weaken or damage the lifted lashes.
  4. Brush the lashes daily with a clean spoolie brush to maintain the lift and keep them separated.
  5. Avoid sleeping on the stomach to preserve the lifted shape of the lashes. Sleeping on the back or side helps prevent accidental damage or distortion of the newly lifted lash and curl.
  6. Avoid hot steamy showers or saunas, as heat and moisture can affect the lift and curl of the lashes. 
  7. Don’t use oil-based products around the eyes, as they can break down the lash lift solution. Instead, go for oil-free alternatives for makeup removers and moisturizers. 
  8. Avoid eyelash curlers, as they can disrupt the natural curl achieved through the lash lift.

For more in-depth information on the importance of aftercare in pigment-based treatments, check out “The Power of Aftercare in Enhancing PMU and Microblading Treatments”.
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A lash lift treatment offers a fantastic way to enhance natural lashes, providing a beautiful curl and volume without the need for additional makeup or extensions. By following the recommended essentials and understanding the step-by-step process covered in more detail in the PhiAcademy education, you can perform high-quality lash lifts, ensuring your clients are delighted with the results. Remember, proper aftercare is essential to maintain the lifted lashes for an extended period.

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