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Phi Traveler Set
The Phi Traveler Set is delivered in a sleek gift box, and contains a passport case and a luggage tag with the Phi logo. The passport case comes protects your passport from wear and tear, and comes with numerous slots to insert cards or other travel documents, so you have all of your essentials with you in one handy case. On the front of the black passport case, there is the famous Phi logo, as well as ‘Phi Nation Passport’ wrriten in gold text. The luggage tag is a great way to make sure your luggage has a unique touch to pick out from the crowd, and comes with a personal information card. Simply fill out your contact details and reinsert - then you are good to start travelling! The black luggage tag has the Phi logo on the front, and underneath incorporates the logo into the text ‘Find Your Purpose’Travel with some Phi style!
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Regular: €34.00*
Phi Travel Bottle 5ml
This practical Travel Bottle is used to decant liquids such as perfume or disinfectant so you don't have to take the whole bottle with you when travelling. Dimensions: Height 88 mm, diameter 19 mm; Capacity: 5 ml Weight: 23 g; Bottle inside material: PCTG Shell material: Aluminium Filling valve material: copper Caution: To avoid damage to the product, do not expose the bottle to high ambient temperatures, such as open flames or direct sunlight, for extended periods of time.
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Phi Bottle 570ml
The PhiBottle is made of borosilicate glass and can bear the -20℃ to 150℃ temperature difference.With the rope handle the bottle is portable and it fits through its 7cm diameter in almost every car holder. Another bottle cap without a handle is also included. The silicone sleeve shields you from the heat of hot beverages Please note:We suggest hand wash only to protect the logo. Remove the silicone before washing.Certification: Passed LFGB and EN1183
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Regular: €19.60*
PhiLuminate is a great clip-on LED white ring light accessory used to elevate the quality of photos taken on a phone or tablet. The light fits nearly all models of phone and tablet, and can be clipped on to add light to either the front-facing or back-facing camera. The PhiLuminate ring light is small, lightweight and micro-USB chargeable, making it a practical tool to take on the go and recharge. The ring light comes with 36 LED light beads, which are known for their longevity and consistent illumination power - making it great for taking salon shots. The LED lights are able to minimize shadows and capture accurate color hues. This is a huge advantage when showing work with treatments using pigments or color. The ring formation allows the light to be distributed evenly for a balanced photo perspective, and is great for close-ups! There are three different color temperature settings (3500K - 6500K)Neutral: for balanced settings with no color biasesWarm: great to bring out the richness of hues of pigments or colors used in treatmentsCold: ideal for capturing vivid details and highlighting precision and contrast (treatments requiring exceptional accuracy are great to caputure with this option) Depending on the background lighting, different color temperature settings should be used to create the desired ‘mood’ of the photo. It is important to adapt to the surroundings to get the perfect picture with great depth and sharpness! Dimensions: 90 mm x 90 mm x 31mm   Try out the PhiLuminate to showcase your work, and see the impact high-quality images have on your following!
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Regular: €17.50*
Sleep Mask
Sleep Mask is designed as an essential for overall health and beauty! Although they look pretty simple, eye masks tend to be one of the most effective solutions for relaxation. When your brain cells sense pure darkness, the brain causes the production of melatonin, a powerful antioxidant with multiple benefits. It can also be used for clients who need eye protection and relaxation during cosmetic treatments. Phi eye mask is made from ultra-comfortable and hypoallergenic material, perfect for those with sensitive facial skin.
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Regular: €8.70*
Phi Pin
This golden Phi Pin can add a subtle, chic touch to any outfit in the salon. Show your top-tier beauty crafting skills, and membership of the Phi community at the same time. Available in 2 different sizes: Small3 cm x 2 cm1.18" x 0.78" Large5 cm x 3 cm1.97“ x 1.18“