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Hygiene Products

Phi Septo
Phi Septo is a universal, multi-purpose cleaning spray that contains mild, biodegradable active ingredients and basil extract. For cleaning various surfaces and facilities in beauty salons. Suitable for all surfaces. Leaves no traces of cleaning. Capacity: 200 ml (6.76 fl. oz.)
PhiBrows Higi Mask
The PhiBrows Higi Mask is a transparent, protective mouth shield perfect for professionals specializing in permanent makeup, tattooing, microneedling, lash lifting and lash extension treatments. The mouth guard helps to minimize the spread of respiratory droplets, which are naturally released during everyday interactions like speaking, laughing, or coughing. It is made of durable plastic with an adjustable nose clip, for a great fit regardless of head size.The mask also features a small Phi sign.
Phi Protective Face Shield
This lightweight, full-face shield provides a great extra barrier of hygiene. It helps to safeguard the eyes, nose, and mouth from respiratory droplets (released through everyday activities like speaking, coughing, or laughing) and airborne impurities such as viruses, bacteria, and dust. Dual Protection: The shield aids in reducing the transmission of respiratory droplets between the wearer and clients, ensuring mutual safety. This barrier is great to promote top hygiene practices during close-contact treatments. Anti-Fog Clarity: The shield remains clear to make sure that there is no obstructed visibility during various treatments. Durable and Hygienic: Constructed from robust PET Acetate plastic, the shield is designed for long-term use, and can be easily cleaned. Regular washing with warm soapy water removes impurities, allowing the shield to be reused efficiently and safely.   Included in the package: 1 x adjustable mount with straps. 2 x transparent plastic shields (PET Acetate)
Heat Gun
A hygienic environment is essential in beauty salons, where cleanliness affects client treatment experience, and of course, results. The Heat Gun offers a breakthrough solution by shaping special shrink film around salon equipment, securing an extra form of hygienic barrier and helping to reduce contamination risks. Constructed from ABS plastic, the Heat Gun combines durability with a lightweight design. ABS plastic is a robust thermoplastic, which ensures the device is both durable and comfortable to use. There are three protective film options available to purchase separately, coming in three sizes for different equipment.   Specifications: Model: Handheld Heat Gun, MF 300 Voltage: 230V Frequency: 50HZ - 60HZ Power: 300W Temperature: 200 ℃ Color: Black Material: ABS Plastic Size: 22.5 x 4.5cm Protective Film Sizes: We have three different sizes of protective film available at PhiShop: Protective Sleeve 17x1,5cm (pack of 100). This size is perfect for our tools such as microblading blade holders like the UJniversal or PhiGlow Holder. Protective Sleeve 24x5,5cm (pack of 100). This size is ideal for the Phi-Ion Pro. Protective Sleeve 50x3,5cm (pack of 100). This size is recommended for Simplicity Machine handpieces.   Safety Warnings: Fire Hazard: Use with care to avoid potential fire risks. Explosive Atmospheres: Do not operate in environments where there's a risk of explosion. Overexposure: Avoid prolonged application on the same area to prevent damage or fire. Cooling: After use, place the heat gun on its stand and let it cool before storage.
Protective Sleeve 17x1,5cm - 100pcs
Our protective sleeves, designed to be used with the Heat Gun, are essential for maintaining the highest hygiene standards in your salon. These disposable covers easily shrink to form a secure layer over various salon products, ensuring every item is sealed for an extra protective barrier. Specific size for precision: The 17cm x 1.5cm sleeves are ideal for microblading or other treatment holders and come in a roll of 100. Functionality with the Heat Gun: The Heat Gun to shrinks the protective film to fit around salon equipment, providing a hygienic seal. Variety for different needs: While this size caters specifically to holders, other sizes are available for different equipment – 24x5.5cm for the PhiIon Pro and the largest 50x3.5cm for Artist and Master machines.
Protective Sleeve 24x5,5cm - 100pcs
Improve your salon's hygiene with our 24cm x 5.5cm protective sleeves, which are compatible with the Heat Gun. These sleeves ensure a clean barrier around larger tools, to maintain cleanliness with each use. Each roll contains 100 disposable sleeves, offering optimal coverage and protection. Compatibility with the Heat Gun: The heat gun heats the protective cover to effectively shrink and wrap the beauty salon equipment. Ideal for Slightly Larger Tools: Perfectly fits the PhiIon Pro. Different Sizes Available: Ranging from compact 17cm x 1.5cm sleeves for smaller holders to 50cm x 3.5cm sleeves for Simplicity machines.
Protective Sleeve 50x3,5cm - 100pcs
Our largest protective sleeves are 50cm x 3.5cm, are crafted larger pieces of salon equipment, and are paired with the Heat Gun.They create an extra protective barrier on equipment, and are sold in rolls of 100. Designed for the Heat Gun: The Heat Gun heats the film to shrink it, creating a layer over the products in your salon. Specially Sized for Larger Equipment: Ensures comprehensive protection for Simplicity Artist and Simplicity Master machines. Multiple Sizes for All Needs: Includes options like 24cm x 5.5cm for the PhiIon Pro and 17cm x 1.5cm for smaller treatment holders.
Phi Barrier Film Holder
Phi Barrier Film Holder is a durable film dispenser, protecting the roll of Phi Barrier Film and making it easier to use.Very simple and effortless to use and easy to open for replacing barrier films. Hard quality transparent plastic makes it easier to track the inserted film and to spot when it needs replacement. Easily fits in every surrounding and makes your work more organized and hygienic. NOTE: The holder does NOT come with a Phi Barrier Film inserted. The protective film roll can be ordered individually!
Phi Barrier Film
Phi Barrier Film is designed to protect your work surfaces and keep them sanitary during treatments. This protective film acts as a disposable cover for salon surfaces, preventing cross-contamination, especially on hard-to-clean areas. It's easy to apply and is removed without leaving any residue. The film is ideal for use in beauty salons and tattoo parlors, where cleanliness is crucial. Use it alongside our Phi Barrier Holder, which simplifies rolling out the film, making it quick and easy to cover surfaces as needed. This combination is great to create a clean, efficient workspace, enhancing safety and hygiene for both you as artists and your clients.