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Lashes Lifting Sachet Set
Lashes Lifting Tool
Lashes Lifting Bonder
Lashes Lifting Dappen Dish
Lashes Lifting Silicone Shields Set
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Phi Foam 150ml
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Phi Foam 50ml
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Phi Patch Test 10/1
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PhiEyeglasses Magnifier
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Lashes Lifting isn't a conventional eyelash lift. With high-quality serums for professional use, with Lashes Lifting you can give your lashes particularly long-lasting curl and exceptional radiance. The high-quality Lashes Lifting product series from PhiShop stands for precise treatments and satisfied customers.

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At the core of Lashes Lifting are the highly effective serums for professional eyelash lifting. You will achieve the best results with Eyelash Tools, such as silicone pads for eyelash lifting and specially developed applicators. Exclusive Eyelash Care ensures a long-lasting result and healthy eyelashes that are extra shiny and smooth.

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Lashes Lifting products & care

The Lashes Lifting series is characterised by high-quality creams and serums. The first step is to treat your eyelashes with the Lashes Lifting Cream and to stroke the eyelash hairs over the specially shaped silicone pads. To lift the lashes, the second step is to apply Lashes Lifting Neutralising Lotion, which fixes the curl and prevents the lashes from sticking together. Apply Lashes Lifting Moisturizing Serum to provide a final care treatment. The three products work together in a targeted manner to achieve the desired effect: irresistibly curling eyelashes.

Lashes Lifting – Eyelash lifting by professionals

Lashes Lifting eyelash lifting treats and shapes natural eyelashes. In contrast to PhiLashes Eyelash Extensions, no additional false eyelashes are required. With Lashes Lifting products, you can give your eyelashes a natural curl and at the same time care for them for a long-lasting result. A professional Lash lifting in your salon is just one click away at PhiShop.