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Phi Foam 50ml
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Skin Candy After Care Balm
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Phi Areola Marker Pen
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PhiAreola enables women to feel beautiful again. Nipple reconstruction after surgery or for aesthetic reasons can help regain self-confidence and a positive body image. Regardless of the reason why customers choose PhiAreola and areola pigmentation – they are perfectly equipped with products from PhiShop.

PhiAreola products at PhiShop

At PhiShop you can find the entire range of products that are necessary for PhiAreola treatment. Measuring instruments and marker pens ensure the perfect placement of the reconstructed nipple. Special shades and high-quality PhiAreola pigments are designed for use on the sensitive skin area. PMU machines and the right attachments make work clean and precise.

Nipple reconstruction with permanent make-up

Accepting your body and being comfortable in your own skin is a basic human need. Especially after an illness, nipple pigmentation can be an important step as the external change can also have a positive effect on the inner healing process. Imitating a nipple with permanent make-up is less invasive than surgical nipple reconstruction and the natural ingredients mean it can be used for lots of customers.

PhiAreola for natural results

The PhiAreola technique models the areola with the help of micropigmentation. A special 3D permanent make-up method reproduces a realistic nipple using shading. The combination of light and dark colour areas makes the simulated nipple appear natural. Create a natural-looking result with special PhiAreola pigments in brown tones, shades and colour gradients.

Buy a marker pen, measuring tape and circle templates

As an experienced artist you can achieve satisfying results with the right PhiAreola tools. The PhiAreola measuring tape and the special circle template have been developed for measuring and establishing dimensions. As with other micropigmentation procedures – PhiScalpPhiBrows or PhiContour – the pigments and needles are matched to the skin area to be treated. Care products and cleansing foam for the skin provide the perfect preparation and aftercare for the treated area.