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PhiBright deals with the art of microneedling, which helps to freshen skin to make it look young and firmer. PhiBright microneedling reaches a new level. While classic microneedling PhiLings works with ready-made serums, PhiBright serum is specially created for each treatment – a PhiBright serum is mixed together and therefore individually tailored to the customer's skin.

PhiBright products in the online shop 

At PhiShop you can find the entire range of PhiBright microneedling products.

Get an overview of all microneedling products or search for a specific product. All the microneedling tools you need are featured here. You can also find the right microneedling needles and cartridges here. High-quality microneedling serums  offer the possibility for individual treatments. Various microneedling serums, gels and creams as well as microneedling care products round off the treatment.

PhiBright: Customise microneedling with an app 

In principle PhiBright is a classic microneedling treatment using machines with compatible attachments. However, PhiBright microneedling stands out from normal treatments: The secret lies in mixing the serums used yourself and thus creating a PhiBright serum that is perfectly tailored to the customer every time.

The Phi App can be used to find the perfect mix by entering all relevant factors about the customer, such as their skin type, wrinkles, scars and more. Our mechanism then calculates the perfect PhiBright serum for the individual treatment. The app then provides exact types and quantities of serums.

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