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PhiTopic Cream 10ml
3 Power cartridge
PhiTopic Cream 10ml 9pcs
PhiContour Latex Head
3 Outline cartridge
Skin Candy AntiShock 2 After Care Cream 9pcs
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Regular: €120.60*
5 Shader cartridge
4 Flat cartridge
3 Sloped cartridge
9 Magnum cartridge
PhiBrid 15/1
5 Power cartridge
7 Power cartridge
5 Magnum cartridge
5 Sloped cartridge

PhiContour takes the art of permanent make-up to the next level. PhiContour allows you to give your clients elegant contours and emphasise their natural beauty. With specially developed products, from pigments to machines, PhiContour creates a new level of high-quality, elegant permanent make-up for discerning clients.

PhiContour products in the online shop  

The art of PhiContour only unfolds with the high-quality products from PhiShop. Corresponding to the techniques used in PhiAcademy’s PhiContour courses, you will find all PhiContour products, practice materials and accessories needed for successful and professional results.

PhiContour Maschinen & Cartridges 

We are setting a new standard for cosmetic tattoos with our PhiContour Machines. Powerful machines enable creating the most precise micropigmentation on various skin types. With the various PhiContour Cartridges and Needle Modules compatible with the respective machine and technique, the finest lines and strong shading succeed with the highest precision.

PhiContour Appliances

PhiContour Colours & Care 

From bright red to delicate rosé and elegant black, we offer a wide range of PhiContour pigments for all permanent make-up techniques. PhiContour Colours are just as suitable for underlining the natural curve of the lips with PhiContour Lips as they are for visually improving the volume of lips or setting an eyelid line. Specially developed PhiContour care products offer lasting care for regenerating the skin.

PhiContour Pigments & Colours 

The wide variety of PhiContour 

PhiContour products are of the highest quality and can be used in a variety of ways. Because pigments and machines from PhiContour are also compatible with other micropigmentation techniques: PhiScalp for scalp pigmentation can be applied using it, as can drawing the areola with PhiAreola. In order to gently remove PhiContour, permanent make-up, and tattoos, we developed PhiRemoval.