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PhiDrofacial is a particularly efficient facial treatment technique by which the skin is deeply cleansed. With a multi-level procedure, the skin is given a completely new shine – without any needles, i.e., non-invasively. The pores are cleansed, the cell renewal process is stimulated, and the skin freshened. For your beneficial PhiDrofacial treatments, you will find various PhiDrofacial products at PhiShop – all of the highest quality for flawless results.

High-quality PhiDrofacial products for facial cleansing

The PhiDrofacial products that you can find at PhiShop contain the entire range of products you need for a PhiDrofacial treatment. Various device attachments allow for high-quality execution of each step of the multi-level treatment. You will also find various serums and lotions that can also be used during different steps of the PhiDrofacial treatment. Different skin types and problems get an individually tailored treatment.

Targeted PhiDrofacial treatment

A PhiDrofacial treatment consists of several application steps. The process amounts to an overall concept with which deep cleansing can be achieved. It is important to have the right PhiDrofacial products available during each step. The desired result of a PhiDrofacial treatment can only be achieved through the targeted, individual use of different device attachments and associated serums.

Matching PhiDrofacial products for each step

During the first step of a PhiDrofacial treatment, dead skin particles are removed. One of the hard disposable tips can be used for this, in combination with a skin peeling solution to cleanse the pores and refresh the face.

For the second step of the PhiDrofacial treatment, one of the soft disposable tips can then be used, which is placed on a vacuum handle. A spray nozzle for the matching spray handle is perfect for the third step and rounds off the treatment.

The wide range of effects of PhiDrofacial treatments

The positive effects of PhiDrofacial treatments seem endless. PhiDrofacial products, for example, remove skin blockages. When used correctly, they have an antioxidative effect, soothe the skin and reduce redness. In addition, PhiDrofacial treatments accelerate the regeneration processes of the skin and provide maximum, deep moisture.

PhiDrofacial treatments are also a useful method against acne. Special sebum-regulating serums reduce inflammation and prevent scarring. Anti-ageing treatments can also be carried out as part of a PhiDrofacial treatment – peptide-rich serums strengthen the skin and prevent signs of ageing.