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The most important thing in any salon is always hygiene. A high standard of hygiene is a basic requirement for a high-quality beauty salon. All equipment loses its value if it and everything around it is not carefully maintained and cleaned. For you to take care of this, at PhiHygiene you will find at a glance a compilation of various products that guarantee to keep your work area clean and cared for.

PhiHygiene products for your salon

Extensive cleaning of your work environment affects many areas. Not only used devices have to be cleaned and disinfected regularly, but skin also needs regular care. The PhiHygiene product range, therefore, extends from utensils for your salon equipment to products for body and skin.

With PhiHygiene, you will find, for example, accessories such as protective masks and screens, as well as clothing such as capes to wear around your neck. Disinfectants are also included in the product range. Here, a distinction is made between different agents for skin and surfaces.

PhiHygiene products for your treatments

Appropriate cleansing should also not be skimped on during cosmetic treatments. PhiHygiene contains products such as the PhiAsept solution, which provides cleansing of the skin before and after treatments. It is used in procedures where you want the skin to be clean and free of oil, and where rinsing is not required.

The solution is not only used for cleansing – the solution's nutritious components also strengthen the natural skin barrier and soothe irritated skin. Before and after treatments, affected areas are simply dabbed or sprayed.