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The PhiLaser enables you to achieve the best laser treatment results. The state-of-the-art PhiLasers convince with the latest technology, elegant design and, of course, maximum effectiveness – whether you want to use PhiLaser appliances for skin treatments, hair removal, or tattoo removal.

PhiLaser for Cosmetic Treatments

Our versatile models, such as the PhiLaser Type-R 2.0 and the PhiLaser Type-H, are suitable for different types of treatment. Depending on the needs of your salon, you can choose between smaller or larger appliances.

At PhiShop you will find laser appliances for various areas of application: for removing tattoos or pigment spots, for removing eyebrow tattoos, and for hair removal. Lasers can also be used to clean clogged pores, for intensive peeling, or to refine the complexion. Other models such as this one are suitable for thorough hair removal on various parts of the body.

State-of-the-Art PhiLaser Appliances

PhiLaser products are made of durable materials and equipped with the latest cosmetics industry technologies. This continual technological progress is also included in PhiLaser appliances, leading to further developments of our models, such as the Type R 2.0 Laser. These appliances contain different user languages and are intuitive to operate. And all of this includes the highest quality standards and a 2-year guarantee on all PhiLasers.

PhiLaser - Design & Accessories

The PhiLaser's design is also well thought-out. The exterior design fulfils both modern aesthetics and the requirements of practical work as an artist. These slim and graceful appliances fit into every salon and are a sight to behold.

You are not just getting a high-quality cosmetic machine with a PhiLaser appliance. You can also obtain the right accessories at PhiShop – from various PhiLaser treatment heads to handpieces and protective goggles, through to care and aftercare products.