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PhiLings perfects the art of microneedling. A PhiLings microneedling treatment makes skin fresh and younger-looking. This result is achieved by stimulating natural skin regeneration through controlled micro-irritation of the skin. Professional microneedling tools like the PhiLings Plasma Pen and high-quality microneedling serums are used and make PhiLings one of the most popular anti-ageing techniques.

PhiLings products in our online shop 

At PhiShop you can find everything you need for Philing microneedling.

Of course, some products are essential for successful PhiLings microneedling. The right microneedling tools including the PhiLings Plasma Pen, microneedling needles and cartridges and the right microneedling serums are the basics of the treatment. However, don't forget microneedling care products for PhiLings microneedling. Relaxing microneedling serums, gels and creams  round off the treatment. Take a look at an overview of all microneedling products.

Stay young with PhiLings Microneedling

The PhiLings Microneedling technique produces unique anti-ageing results. How do these results come about? The secret lies mainly in blood circulation and collagen.

The parts of the skin that need them most get the best blood circulation and nutrient distribution. The micro-stimulation in PhiLings Microneedling treatment signals to the skin that regeneration should be stimulated in this area. Blood circulation is increased and more collagen is produced. It is precisely these factors that achieve the desired results: wrinkles are reduced and the skin appears firmer.

Discover PhiLings Plasma Pen and Tools

PhiShop microneedling needles and cartridges and, for example, the PhiLings Plasma Pen reach the cells of the skin that stimulate increased blood circulation and collagen production. Even if PhiLings is not an eternal fountain of youth, PhiLings microneedling can give you a few more years of young-looking skin.

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