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Eyelash Tools

Eyelash Tools for the Highest Quality 

When it comes to eyelash treatments, we want to get the most out of them for the perfect look. In order for that to succeed, you need high-quality eyelash accessories. Eyelashes can only look flawless if the eyelash tools support a flawless treatment. Whether it is an eyelash lifting tool or accessories for eyelash extensions – you will find all the relevant tools on PhiShop.

No matter which eyelash accessories you are looking for, the most important thing is and remains the quality of the products. That is why an eyelash tool from PhiShop promises high quality, durability, and reliability for precise results.

Eyelash Tools for Every Treatment 

In addition to eyelash care products and eyelashes themselves, the right eyelash tool is essential.

The PhiShop product range contains eyelash accessories for PhiLashes as well as for LashesLifting. You will find eyelash lifting tools, such as matching silicone pads, as well as eyelash extension tools, such as eyelash glue and eyelash tweezers. Discover the whole world of PhiShop eyelash accessories!

From Eyelash Tweezers to Eyelash Glue 

For example, high-quality eyelash tweezers are particularly important. These eyelash tweezers made of stainless steel from the PhiShop range, make it particularly easy for you to separate eyelashes. The eyelashes are also particularly easy to grasp and apply thanks to the stable grip. A high-quality eyelash glue is also a must-have for beautiful results. When used correctly, the eyelash glue leaves no residue and keeps the eyelash extensions where they belong.

There is also the perfect eyelash lifting tool for successful eyelash lifting: The Phi Lashes Lifting Tool made of stainless steel is ideal for lifting and separating eyelashes. A comfortable soft grip for a strong hold in combination with the sharp tip makes this eyelash tool your companion for maximum precision.

Eyelash Tools and More 

Eyelash tools are essential components of an eyelash treatment. At PhiShop you will find all other products for a successful eyelash treatment:

Buy Eyelash Tools – Worry-free at PhiShop 

We guarantee the best quality at the best prices. If you have questions regarding Eyelash Tools or regarding anything else, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Care department.