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Bridal Style Eyelashes 23
PhiNesse Bridal Style Eyelashes are handmade lashes, ideal for use by make-up artists and beauticians who want to create simple looks. Each individual lash has been made to look as natural as possible. They are soft, easy to apply and comfortable to wear as they have a very light weight. PhiNesse Bridal Style Eyelashes highlight the eyes while maintaining a natural look, so most people won't recognise synthetic lashes.
The Glam Eyelashes 36
PhiNesse The Glam Eyelashes 36 are faux handmade eyelashes for professional use by make-up artists and beauticians. Perfect companion for a glamorous make-up. The eyelashes give fantastic volume, which makes the eyes look bigger and the expression more sensual. The lash line looks thicker making an instant wow effect. The Glam Eyelashes are very easy to apply and comfortable to wear.
PhiNesse Eyelash Glue Black
PhiNesse Eyelash Glue Black is a long-lasting eyelash glue for the application of synthetic eyelashes. The black glue provides strong hold and a thicker appearance of the lash line due to its colour. White traces of glue will no longer be visible due to the dark tone, instead the entire lash look now gets even more density and expression. PhiNesse Eyelash Glue Black enables confident wear and lasts all day long.
PhiNesse Lashes Pen Growth Serum Eyeliner
PhiNesse Lashes Pen Growth Serum Eyeliner is the first eyeliner formulated with an eyelash growth serum and leads to longer and fuller lashes through easy application. The eyeliner is easy to apply due to its brush tip. Furthermore, it is smudge-proof, waterproof, dermatologically tested and therefore also suitable for sensitive eyes. PhiNesse Lashes Pen Growth Serum Eyeliner provides a fuller, thicker and longer result of natural lashes in just a few weeks.
PhiNesse Lashes Pen Growth Serum Eyeliner 9pcs
PhiNesse lashes pen – growth serum eyeliner is a 2-in-1 lash boosting eyeliner and serum formulated to give you thicker, fuller, longer eyelashes without any effort. With a regular use you will see noticeably fuller and longer lashes in only few weeks.  The serum comes with a eyeliner-like, brush tip applicator that is easy to maneuver, providing easy and effortless application. It is dermatologist approved and safe for sensitive eyes.It contains essential ingredients that help restore and strengthen hair health to help short and dull lashes enchance naturally, getting fuller and stronger. Why we love it ?   - Doesn’t irritate even sensitive eyes - A long-term solution to lash problems. - Continued use of the product will lead to significantly longer and thicker lashes - Durable and smudge resistant - Extremely easy to use : Applied like a liquid eyeliner - Two sided pen for day and night application
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