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Soothing, high-quality microblading care 

In addition to the right toolsblades and pigments, one thing that mustn't be forgotten when it comes to microblading is the right microblading care. PhiBrows care products used before and after the treatment make all the difference when it comes to a pleasant, soothing application.

Here again, quality is always in the foreground. Microblading care products are intended to benefit both the skin and the rest of the body. It's therefore extremely important to use premium products with high-quality ingredients. You're in good hands with PhiBrows care products.

Microblading after-care products 

Having the proper care after microblading can be viewed as a separate part of the microblading treatment. PhiBrows care has a long-term effect on the end result and can increase the durability of the microbladed eyebrows.

The extensive range of microblading after-care products includes various cleaning accessories such as wipes and cleansers. If you're looking for the ideal microblading after-care cream, you'll find this too. Our range also includes various sun protection products and a microblading serum to promote hair growth.

Microblading care before & during 

Proper microblading care is crucial both before and during microblading. The PhiBrows care products prepare the skin for the upcoming treatment and can therefore counteract unpleasant side effects.

For example, with PhiBrows care, the skin can be tested for possible cosmetic sensitivities before treatment. With the right microblading care, bleeding can be prevented, amongst other things, and possible side effects can be averted even before the treatment starts. Using an effective combination of ingredients, various microblading care products can contribute to skin regeneration and to preserving the skin's natural protective barrier.

Microblading care & more 

Although the right microblading care is an essential part of successful treatment, there is, of course, more to microblading than a stimulating microblading serum or a rich microblading after-care cream. Discover our other microblading products:

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