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Disposable Microblading Tools & Pens

Disposable Tool with U24 Nano Blade 10pcs
This microblading tool is intended for confident microblading artists It is made of 24 ultra-fine nano-needles that create a U-shaped blade. The needles are 0.15mm in diameter, so are incredibly sharp. Due to the thin diameter of needles and resulting sharp blade, very little pressure is required to penetrate the skin during treatments. The blade is able to create thin, precise strokes, including curves. The blade is made of medical-grade 304 stainless steel, polished with laser technology. This material is hypoallergenic and allows for a sharp and accurate application of strokes during treatment. This tool comes with: A sterilized, lint-free pigment micro applicator to rub pigment into the created strokes A sterilized, self-adhesive pad. This is attached to the glove to wipe excess pigment from the blade during treatment Each pack contains 10 pieces
PhiBlade Disposable Tool 18 U Ecc 0.18 10pcs Box
This microblading tool includes a blade made up of 18 needles, each with a diameter of 0.18mm. The needles are positioned ito form a U-shaped blade. The needles are made from grade 304 stainless steel. This is a strong, hypoallergenic, durable, and medical-grade material. In addition, the tool comes with a lint-free, sterilized micro applicator at the opposite end to the blade, to gently rub pigment in the eyebrows. There is also a sterile self-adhesive blade cleaning pad to stick to the Artist’s glove during the treatment. One box contains 10 pieces.
Phibrows Disposable Tool Blade and Shade 10pcs
This is a disposable tool for creating eyebrow looks with a combination of microblading + shading techniques. The product is very light to hold and contains two different blades: 304 U Blade: With this blade you create very fine and precise hairs. 3R Shading Blade: This tip is used for the shading effect. It creates very fine and small dots, resulting in a shading between the individual hairs. At the other end of the tool you will find the applicator tip, with which you apply the pigment as a mask at the end of the treatment and leave it to work for a few minutes. Furthermore, the product contains a pigment ring for easier use of the colour during the treatment. One package contains 10 pieces.
PhiBrows Disposable Tool with Bold Blade 10pcs Box
This microblading tool has an angled blade made up of 16 needles, with a diameter of 0.25mm Slanted blades are considered the best all-rounder blades for all skill levels. Generally, this blade is preferred by microblading beginners, to perfect control of the blade before moving on to U-blades. In addition, the needles have the thickest diameter, therefore the skin is not penetrated as easily as with sharp nano-blades. Included is a Self-adhesive pigment container, a well as a self-adhesive, sterilized pad that is stuck onto the glove to clean the blade. Each pack contains 10 pieces
PhiBrows Disposable Tools 18 U Classic 10pcs Box
The PhiBrows Disposable Tool U 18 Classic is a disposable tool for use in microblading treatments. It contains a U 18 blade, which consists of fine, closely spaced needles that form a U-shaped row. Due to its shape, it is ideal for drawing the individual hairs during microblading. The very fine needles allow the pigment to be introduced into the skin with extreme precision. Only suitable for professional use! One box contains: -10 disposable tools -10 self-adhesive pigment holders -10 self-adhesive, sterilised cleaning strips (monofilament)
PhiBrows Disposable Tools U18 Eccentric 10pcs Box
PhiBrows Disposable Tool U18 is a disposable tool for microblading treatments, which is used to create the individual hairs. This product is for professional use by trained beauticians only. One pack contains: -10 disposable tools -10 self-adhesive pigment containers -10 self-adhesive, sterilised pads for cleaning the blade

Flawless & Disposable Microblading Pens

One-time use - long-lasting eyebrows. Our disposable microblading pens combine holders and Blades in a high-quality disposable microblading tool that meets the high standards our Phi artists desire. The practical disposable version is made of biodegradable plastic that you can simply throw away after each Microblading treatment. What’s certain: Well-known PhiShop quality and flawless results.

Always ready to use: Disposable Microblading Tools

With disposable microblading pens, professional artists are well equipped for their next treatment. A microblading disposable tool contains everything you need for perfect results: fine blades integrated into a disposable holder that is ideal to grip and ensures maximum precision. Thanks to the sterilized microapplicator at the other end of the disposable microblading pen, pigments can be applied fuzz-free. Sterile patches are also included and can be stuck onto the glove for easy cleaning of the blades. This guarantees maximum hygiene.

Disposable Microblading Pens for perfect results

Every microblading artist has different requirements. That's why at PhiShop you can find disposable microblading pens with needles in different shapes and thickness to meet your needs. Choose disposable microblading tools with Nano or Bold Blades, tips for shading effects or in U-shape. In combination with our Microblading Pigments you can create perfect eyebrows in the perfect shade. Truly a dream team. 

The full equipment is available in our disposable microblading kits. Inside, professional artists will find all the elements they need for a high-quality treatment: disposable microblading tools, applicator, cotton cleaning pads & swabs, tweezers, and a pigment ring.

Disposable Microblading Tools, Pens and more at PhiShop

To equip your salon, it takes more than just a disposable microblading tool. At PhiShop you will find all other products for a successful microblading treatment:

Buy Disposable Microblading Tools & Pens - reliably at PhiShop

We guarantee the best quality at the best conditions. If you have any questions about disposable microblading pens or other concerns, please contact our Customer Care.