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An absolute must – high-quality microblading color

PhiBrows pigments are colors that are used during microblading treatment. Along with the blades, the pigments are the most important part of the microblading process. Ultimately, the choice of microblading color determines what the end result will look like.

PhiBrows knows just how important quality is, which is why our pigments have gone through long development phases. We are already on the 5th generation of microblading color – with stronger colors than ever before which maintain the desired shade, even over time.

Microblading color for every hair type

When buying microblading color, choosing the eyebrow pigment isn't easy. Different hair colors require individual shades that will end up flattering the face perfectly.

Due to our microblading color's long development process, it is now possible to match individual shades exactly. We've created a nuanced Microblading Color Shop that covers every skin type and hair color imaginable. From blonde to redhead – there's a suitable shade for everyone. This makes microblading look completely natural, so that you can hardly tell it from natural hair. Our innovative microblading color range is every bit as diverse as our customers.

Buy microblading pigment that keeps what it promises to keep

Microblading color can be divided into 2 broad categories depending on how it’s produced: iron oxides or synthetic pigments. Both of these types of pigment contain the 3 basic colors red, black and yellow. The difference is that with the various types, different shades fade faster. With the iron oxides, the black tone fades faster, while with the synthetic pigments, the red tone tends to be the one to fade. However, both types have different but major advantages.

The basic idea behind the PhiBrows microblading color was to create an eyebrow pigment that combines iron oxides and synthetic pigments to take advantage of both types. This is how the high-quality microblading inks SUP, SUPE, and SUPER were created.

Microblading color right up to the 5th generation

SUP represents the third generation in the revolutionary development of the best microblading color. The SUP formula uses red iron oxides, whereas the black and yellow are synthetic. The result is a pigment that doesn't fade to an undesirable greyish purple or pure red.

After years of research, SUPE as the 4th generation and SUPER as the 5th generation are using a technology that sets completely new standards. Here, not only the stability but also the clean nature of the microblading color comes to the fore. The vision is clear: a pigment as completely clean as a vial of intravenous injection solution and as stable as any pigment known to date. When you buy this microblading color, you'll be buying the results of our years of research into the best eyebrow pigment.

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Of course, the art of microblading is more than just microblading color. Discover all the other products available for achieving perfect results with PhiBrows:

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