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Microblading tools of the highest quality

Of course, perfect microblading requires the right microblading tools for the treatment. In addition to the blades, the right microblading handpiece is what makes the application possible in the first place. The top priority is always the quality of the products – the key to flawless results. The PhiShop microblading tools promise not to skimp on quality and, as such, are made for professional microblading artists who have high demands made of their work.

Various microblading tools for precise results 

Phi Artists know that the secret to perfect results lies in the precision achieved when working with microblading tools. From the microblading handpiece and microblading holder to the eyebrow microblading pen, the microblading pencil and even the "practice skin" for microblading – you'll find all these items and more in our microblading tools. Discover the range of products in our PhiShop and improve the quality of your treatments!

Your perfect microblading handpiece 

The first piece of basic equipment is the microblading handpiece. Depending on your preferred technique, you have various options: you can opt for microblading holders into which the blades are inserted and which can be reused, or there are disposable microblading handpieces, which are a practical option and discarded once used.

The secret to flawless eyebrows: microblading pens and pencils 

Another microblading tool for flawless eyebrows: microblading pens and pencils which are used to do important preparatory work. The microblading drawing pencil enables a precise, clear template to be drawn prior to treatment. Also important for the eyebrows is a microblading pen with exceptionally precise tips. This allows particularly fine microdots to be marked on the skin before various procedures. You can also find the right sharpening tool under our microblading tools.

More microblading tools for perfect results 

Discover, for example, the PhiBrows BB compass, an instrument used to mark out shapes in microblading treatments. The tips allow the points for connection to be precisely marked, which then gives rise to the shape of the eyebrows. The PhiBrows BB compass is designed in accordance with the Golden Ratio – allowing you to adapt eyebrow shapes to every individual face shape.

Helpful to both beginners and experts: "practice skin" for microblading. The practice latex is extremely flexible and feels like real skin. The predetermined shape makes it possible to practise precise hair drawing exercises within the shape. The practice skin for microblading can therefore be used by beginners to practise their technique and by advanced practitioners to perfect it.

Everything relating to microblading tools

With the right microblading tools, you're well placed to make a start. Discover all the other products you need for microblading in the PhiShop:

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