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Microblading Tools

High-quality Microblading Tools

The PhiShop microblading tools promise excellent quality and reliable materials for professional microblading artists with high demands. Because we know that the right microblading tools are what makes all the difference for a smooth workflow and perfect results. From the microblading hand tool and microblading holder to marker pens and microblading latex practice skin – you'll find all this and more in our Online Shop.

Your Perfect Microblading Holder

An important piece of basic equipment is the microblading holder. Depending on your preferred technique, you have various options: you can opt for reusable microblading holders for individual blades or choose disposable microblading tools. Reusable holders give you the benefit of choosing the perfect blade and angle for each treatment. With disposable microblading tools the blade can not get out of place and you don’t have to sanitize the handpiece after the treatment.

Microblading Marker Pens & Pencils

Another microblading tool for flawless eyebrows: microblading marker pens and pencils. They are used to create the desired shape of eyebrows before microblading them. With particularly fine tips you draw microdots on the skin to help you get the best result. You can also find the right sharpening tool under our microblading tools.

Microblading Practice Skin & BB Compass

Discover the PhiBrows BB compass in our online shop, an instrument used to find the perfect shape for each eyebrow. The PhiBrows BB compass is designed in accordance with the Golden Ratio – allowing you to adapt eyebrow shapes to every individual face shape. Helpful to both beginners and experts: microblading practice skin made of latex. The practice skin is extremely flexible and feels just like real skin. The practice skin for microblading can be used by beginners to practice their technique and by advanced artists to perfect it.

Microblading Tools & More

Discover more microblading products for perfect results with PhiBrows:

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We guarantee the best quality at the best prices. If you have any questions regarding our microblading tools, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Care Department.