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After using Microneedling Products, from Needling Machines and Cartridges to Serums and Gels, care after microneedling ensures the perfect end to each treatment. That is because the right care can support rapid skin regeneration and the desired treatment effect.

At PhiShop you will find a variety of microneedling care products and creams for different areas of application. With the demand for the highest quality, our care products are made from high-quality and beneficial ingredients to pamper your clients' skin.

Beneficial Skin Care after Microneedling 

During a microneedling session, the top layer of skin is penetrated with fine needle punctures, thus locally stressing the skin. That makes it all the more important to pamper the skin with care after microneedling. PhiShop provides suitable care after needling for different skin types, from mature to dry skin. 

Sheet Masks and Face Mask After Microneedling 

For after microneedling facial treatments, we have developed particularly generous face masks for use at home. That is because the skin should be provided with the appropriate care not just immediately after the treatment, but also in the following days.

Discover these practical sheet masks that can be easily applied to cleansed skin after microneedling. This allows you to have the right amount of care product on hand for your clients.

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