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Simplicity Master
Simplicity Artist
Phi-Ion PRO
Babor Spot Reducer

Buying a microneedling device for professionals is a worthwhile and long-term investment. As a trained artist, you know that the quality of the microneedling machine is the be-all and end-all of a successful treatment. At PhiShop we offer professional needling appliances of the highest quality for cosmetic skin treatments. With our devices, you can counteract hyperpigmentation, age spots, wrinkles, skin blemishes, and scarring, allowing your clients to feel comfortable in their skin again.

Buy Microneedling Devices for Every Application

At PhiShop you will find professional needling devices in high-quality design and workmanship. There is something suitable for every application and technology.

Simplicity Master & Artist

The Simplicity is a versatile machine that can be used both as a permanent make-up and microneedling appliance. For a microneedling treatment you need the right cartridges and needles. That is how the Simplicity becomes a microneedling appliance for professionals. You can buy the Simplicity in two versions: the Artist Version for beginners and first treatments or the Master Version with more features and setting options. In any case, with the Simplicity you have a microneedling appliance that meets the highest quality standards.

Phi-Ion Pro Plasma Pen

The Phi-Ion Pro is the further development of the Phi-Ion and a premium-class plasma pen. The battery-operated device enables minimally invasive skin treatments for cosmetic purposes. The top layer of skin is treated with electrodes that cause the air to ionise. After proper application and a regeneration phase, the skin will appear firmer and younger.

With the Phi-Ion Pro, wrinkles and fine lines can be evened out and stretch marks can also be reduced with this plasma pen. Special attachments for treating acne scars or skin blemishes make the Phi-Ion Pro one of the most versatile professional appliances.

Barbor Spot Reducer

The Barbor Spot Reducer takes you to the next level of cryotherapy, also known as cold therapy. The Barbor Spot Reducer works with CO2 gas and freezes the water in the cells and between the cells using extreme cold.

In a few seconds, benign superficial skin lesions are destroyed without harming healthy cells. This appliance can be used to treat hyperpigmentation, age spots, warts or haemangiomas, among others. And all this without anaesthesia and in a very short time. Because a session with the Babor Spot Reducer only takes a few minutes.

Microneedling Appliances & More

In order for your clients' treatments to be successful, the right microneedling appliance is essential. At PhiShop you will also find the right attachments, serums and products for aftercare:

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