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Microneedling Attachments & Needles

Suitable cartridges with sharp needles are a necessity for a successful microneedling treatment. At PhiShop you will find microneedling attachments in several designs, suitable for your microneedling appliance. You can choose from an extensive selection for every technique and preference. Get some needling serums now and then nothing will stand in the way of a professional treatment.

Microneedling Attachments for Needling Appliances 

We have the right attachments for every appliance. It doesn't matter whether you have opted for electrically operated machines such as Simplicity or if you prefer manual technology. Roller Blades for the Universal Holder are designed for gentle mechanical use. The Simplicity provides a large number of pulses per minute. The matching microneedling attachment with 12 needles is designed for one-time use and is perfect for massaging in the serums.

Attachments for the Phi-Ion Pro

The Phi-Ion Pro plasma pen works with special electrodes. These electrode attachments are also available in different versions. Depending on which skin area is to be treated, from the eyelids to the abdomen or arms, you can order the appropriate attachments and needling needles from PhiShop.

Buy High-quality Needles for Microneedling

At PhiShop, the quality of products comes first. High-quality needling cartridge materials and production, which is tested at every step, promise a worry-free treatment in the salon. You too can rely on the accustomed Phi quality. That is because microneedling cartridges and needles were developed together with artists and are perfectly tailored to the needs of professionals. At PhiShop you can immediately order the highest quality needling needles online.

Microneedling Cartridges & More

In order to provide your clients with successful treatments, suitable microneedling attachments and needles are of course essential. You will find all other products for successful needling treatments at PhiShop:

Buy Microneedling Needles – Worry-free at PhiShop

We guarantee the best quality at the best prices. If you have any questions regarding Microneedling Cartridges or regarding anything else, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care department.