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Microneedling serum at PhiShop 

With microneedling, a serum or gel is applied and worked into the skin with the help of micro-impulses from fine needles. This stimulates the regeneration of the skin to make it look well-groomed and radiant. At PhiShop you can buy high-quality serums, gels and creams for professional salon treatments, from microneedling serums with hyaluronic acid to microneedling gel for the face and body – and all of this naturally with the highest-quality ingredients.

15 microneedling serums, one goal: radiant skin 

The PhiBright concept is based on 15 different microneedling serums. Each one contains special ingredients that act on the skin. Depending on the mixture of the serums, they can be adapted to the needs of oily, dry or mature skin. Not only do you have 15 microneedling serums, then, but an almost unlimited number of treatment options.

Which serum for microneedling?

The PhiApp can tell you which needling serum is the right one for you. For an application of PhiBright, the serum is created to suit each customer.

Simply enter the characteristics of your skin at the push of a button and the app will calculate the perfect mixture of microneedling serum. Thanks to the individual mixture of the needling serums, the treatment can be specially adapted as required – regardless of whether it's wrinkles, acne scars, dark circles, hyperpigmentation or enlarged pores.

This way to our microneedling sets and kits

Ready-to-use microneedling serums 

With PhiLings microneedling serums, you already have ready-to-use serums at your disposal. From Body Serum to Hair Growth Serum and Stretch Mark Serum to Jive and Tango Serum, PhiShop provides you with the whole range for the right treatment and skin area.

Microneedling gels and creams

At PhiShop you can find mixed microneedling gels and creams for successful treatment and aftercare. With a specially developed formula, you can choose from gels specifically designed for different parts of the body and areas of application. As well as classics such as the Jive Microneedling Gel and the Tango Microneedling Gel, PhiShop also offers Scar Microneedling Gel, Spot Microneedling Gel and more.

Buy Microneedling Serum and more online 

Microneedling serum or gel is absolutely essential to guarantee a successful treatment for your customers. At PhiShop you can also find all other products for treatments – discover our world of microneedling:

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We guarantee the best quality at the best prices. If you have questions about needling serum, microneedling gel or any other concerns, please contact our Customer Care department.