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Microneedling Sets & Kits

PhiBright Kit

Fully Equipped with Your Microneedling Kit

A complete set of microneedling equipment is a must for every professional salon. The microneedling sets or microneedling kits at PhiShop provide you with a holistic set of everything you need for microneedling treatments. The packages are available in different sizes and constellations. Therefore, you will definitely find the right microneedling kit for your needs.

The Convenient Microneedling Serum Kit

One of the most important components of a microneedling session is the matching serum. A PhiShop microneedling serum kit containing all 15 PhiBright serums enables a holistic treatment with all the possibilities that the world of PhiBright has to offer. The complete microneedling serum kits are convenient for beginners as well as for replenishing supplies. 
Depending on the set, a microneedling kit can also contain equipment for clients to use at home after the treatment. 
The high-quality PhiShop serums can also be purchased separately, not within a microneedling set. This way you can order the serums individually as required. 

Microneedling Kit: Professional & Beginner-Friendly

In addition to the microneedling serum kits, the assortment also includes microneedling kits which contain many other Microneedling Products for professional treatments in the salon. 
Besides serums you can also get tools and care products for before and after the treatment. The microneedling set contains the ideal basic equipment for high-quality sessions, which is especially practical for beginners. However, also experienced professionals can benefit from a microneedling kit that already contains everything for a successful treatment. 
The only thing you will need additionally is your preferred Microneedling Machine – then you are ready for your clients.

Buy a Microneedling Kit & Professional Appliances

A microneedling set can be practical, yes. Don’t miss our high-end products individually regardless:

Buy Your Microneedling Kit at PhiShop

We guarantee the best quality at the best prices. If you have any questions regarding our Microneedling Sets or regarding anything else, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care department.