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Particularly important: high-quality Permanent Make-Up Care 

A perfect permanent make-up result naturally includes PMU ToolsPMU Machines and PMU Pigments. However, professional artists should never forget an important part of the treatment: attentive Permanent Make-Up Care. The right PMU Care makes a difference when it comes to fast healing and a long-lasting, finished look.

Various Permanent Make-Up Care products are a must-have for flawless results. In that regard, quality is always in the foreground. We are positive that only high-quality PMU Care can achieve the desired results. That is why our Permanent Make-Up Care convinces with its exclusively high-quality offerings.

Permanent Make-Up Care for that extra glow 

Permanent make-up is the art of looking flawless every day without having to put in any effort. The right Permanent Make-Up Care provides support for perfect results. Applying Permanent Make-Up Care afterwards helps to ward off external factors that could weaken the radiance of colours.

First and foremost, Permanent Make-Up Care protects the applied pigments from diminishing in intensity. By using PMU Care Products, permanent make-up can better withstand factors such as heat, moisture, sweat, or excess oil. The skin receives the nutrients and moisture it needs to ensure beautiful results.

The variety of Permanent Make-Up Care 

Permanent Make-Up Care products are just as varied as their customers. Products for after Permanent Make-Up Care treatments are particularly popular. These products are applied after the treatments and protect the skin in the long term. However, products for PMU Care before and during the PMU process are also important. For example, you will find various skin cleansers, skin protection films or wipes at PhiShop.

But what do all products for Permanent Make-Up Care at PhiShop have in common? They fulfil two important aspects. On the one hand, they help ensure that the desired results last longer. On the other hand, you give your customers an incomparable bonus "feel-good factor".

Permanent Make-Up Care & more 

Professional PMU artists know that the right care after permanent make-up treatment makes a considerable contribution to the result. Nevertheless, other products are also required. Discover all the accessories relevant for PMU:

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