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Permanent Make-Up Care Products

Permanent Makeup Care & Aftercare 

Perfect permanent makeup results include PMU ToolsPMU Machines and PMU Pigments. Professional artists rely on care and aftercare products to make sure of a fast-healing process and long-lasting PMU. 

Get PMU care & aftercare at PhiShop: 

Why use Permanent Makeup Aftercare?

PMU care products promote the skin’s healing process and long-lasting results for lips, eyeliner or eyebrows. By applying permanent makeup care during and after every treatment, the skin receives nutrients and moisture it needs to ensure desired results and beautiful skin. 

Permanent makeup care protects the applied pigments from diminishing in intensity and helps keeping their radiant color even longer. By using PMU aftercare cream pigments can withstand factors such as heat, moisture, sweat, or excess oil more effectively.

PMU Care Products: All You Need

At PhiShop you’ll find a variety of permanent makeup care products: Before and during all treatments artists use products to cleanse and sanitize the skin. You will find various skin cleansers, skin foam or wipes at PhiShop. 

PMU aftercare products such as creams, balm and sun protection are used after treatments and protect skin in the long term. Skin Candy After Care Balm or Phi Wipes Aftercare are easy to use, nourish the skin and provides pleasant cooling.

Exquisite Permanent Makeup Care

All permanent makeup care products at PhiShop stand out in the most important aspects: high quality and best ingredients. With PhiShop PMU aftercare and skin care products you chose high-end products for your salon and give your customers the extra "feel-good factor".

Permanent Make-Up Care & more 

Professional PMU artists know that the right permanent makeup aftercare makes a considerable contribution to their work. Discover more PMU products for your salon:

Buy Permanent Make-Up Care – reliably at PhiShop 

We guarantee the best quality at the best prices. If you have any questions regarding our permanent makeup care products or any other matter, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Care department.