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Permanent Make-Up Cartridges for the highest precision 

If you want to perform a permanent make-up treatment, you need PMU MachinesPMU Tools and PMU Pigments. However, the basics also include Permanent Make-Up Cartridges. PMU Needles are particularly crucial for precise results.

Because artists know how important it is to be precise and to have high-quality Permanent Make-Up Cartridge, we always focus on quality. When you buy Permanent Make-Up Needles from PhiShop, you expect to receive only high-quality products.

A variety of PMU Needles for personalised treatments 

Having an extensive variety of Permanent Make-Up Cartridges is especially important. Since every customer is unique, every treatment needs to be personalised. Which Needle Module is the right one primarily depends on the skin structure and the pigment used.

 Permanent Make-Up Cartridges should be chosen with care, especially for the lip pigmentation. For example, full lips require different PMU Needles than narrow lips. Large skin pores and the volume of the lips also play an important role here. Last but not least, attention should also be paid to pigmentation: darker shades require different Permanent Make-Up Cartridges than lighter shades.

Permanent Make-Up Cartridges compatible with your technology 

For Permanent Make-Up Cartridges to be right for you, your preferred technology is also relevant. At PhiShop you will find your Micro Cartridge, Power Cartridge, Magnum Cartridge and many more. This allows you to buy Permanent Make-Up Needles that both suit your customers and that are compatible with your personal PMU technology.

When selecting Permanent Make-Up Cartridges, it is also crucial that the Needle Module be compatible with your preferred PMU Machine. The PMU Needles at PhiShop are perfectly matched and available for both the "Zen" and the "Simplicity" machines.

Permanent Make-Up Cartridges & more 

Suitable Permanent Make-Up Cartridges are of course essential for providing your customers with successful treatments. However, you still need other products: Discover our wider world of Permanent Make-Up:

Buy Permanent Make-Up Needles – reliably at PhiShop 

We guarantee the best quality with the best conditions. If you have any questions regarding Permanent Make-Up Cartridges or regarding anything else, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care department.