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Your Permanent Make-Up Machine for precise results 

Besides PMU CartridgesPMU Tools and PMU Pigments, the Permanent Make-Up Machine is your essential item for successful permanent make-up treatments. Choosing the right Permanent Make-Up Machine is easy at PhiShop: Every model promises the highest quality for premium results.

If you want to buy a Permanent Make-Up Machine, you can be sure in this case that it will stay with you for a long time and remain reliable. Because, no matter whether you buy a Permanent Make-Up Machine for beginners or for professionals, the quality remains outstanding.

Permanent Make-Up Machines for professionals

A Permanent Make-Up Machine can be equipped with various features. Some models are more or less suitable for different artists. At PhiShop, you have the opportunity to buy a PMU Appliance that precisely matches your technique and skills.

The PhiContour Zen is the true leader among PMU appliances. If you are looking for a Permanent Make-Up Machine for absolute professionals, you should buy this PMU Machine. It allows you to perform a wide range of treatments, from basic procedures to sophisticated techniques. At the same time, you can achieve particularly precise results, thanks in part to a separate control panel that offers ultimate control.

The Permanent Make-Up Machine for beginners and advanced users

The Simplicity Permanent Make-Up Machine is perfect for varying skill levels. When you buy this PMU Machine, you can choose between the "Artist" model or the "Master" model. The "Artist" Permanent Make-Up Machine is perfect for those who are beginners with the technology. This PMU machine convinces with its attractive price, and it includes all the basic features.

For advanced users, the "Simplicity Master" Permanent Make-Up Machine is a fantastic choice. The combination of the powerful German motor with Korean perfection makes this Permanent Make-Up Machine a real game changer. With a display on the headpiece and particularly quiet motor technology, you will find that new benchmarks have been set in the world of permanent make-up.

Accessories for your Permanent Make-Up Machine 

With the right Permanent Make-Up Machine, you are purchasing an important basic item for your treatments. Of course, you need other tools – everything you need for successful permanent make-up can also be found at PhiShop:

Buy a Permanent Make-Up Machine – reliably at PhiShop 

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