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Practice Products

Practising Latex blank 3pcs
Convenient latex practice pad, blank. Helps you how to learn to do high quality work on life models. Extra soft, skin like color, texture very close to human skin. Practice makes perfection.
Microblading Practice Latex 6pcs
Specially designed practice latex pads for a whole new level of experience. Use patterns created by the most popular PhiAcademy Masters to practice your technique. Some of the world’s best brow patterns available in one place for a totally unique experience in self-development. Each latex pad provides various eyebrow patterns for you to trace and practice different styles.  Extremely flexible. Feels like real skin to the touch. Trace over the provided eyebrow strokes to achieve perfect precision, achieve balance in your technique and proper command over your strokes. Use these pads to perfect your shading skills as well. Great for beginners and professionals who want to achieve a totally new level in terms of technique. Each latex pad is double sided, for maximum practice. Get the most out of the multitude of tracing options our practice latex pads provide, develop your skills and watch your level of creativity increase. 
PhiContour Latex Printed Eyes
A practice latex designed for training permanent make-up eyeliner. Ideal for students, but also for advanced artists who want to try out new techniques.
PhiContour Latex Printed Lips
A practice latex designed for training permanent make-up lips. Ideal for students, but also for advanced artists who want to try out new techniques.
Phi Scalp Latex Head
The PhiScalp Latex Head is designed for professionals to refine their skills in applying PhiScalp Pigmentation. Crafted from high-quality exercise latex, this model offers a solution to practising scalp micropigmentation techniques that closely mimic human skin and a realistic contour of the scalp. Key Benefits: Realistic Texture: The latex provides a skin-like texture, making it ideal for practicing detailed pigmentation procedures. Scalp Contours: Not just a flat surface, the latex head features head-like contours that are valuable for improving and perfecting the application of pigments on varied angles and curves with machines.
PhiContour Latex Head
3D permanent makeup head for practicing. Skin in the shape of a real head with removable eyes and lips. Contains reusable permanent make-up practice head and disposable eyes 2pcs + lip 1pc, which can be exchanged and ordered separately to continue practicing on the PhiContour 3D head with the feel of a realistic model. Very soft, skin-like material, easy to work with, perfect for all skills who want to practice their permanent make-up technique, both beginners and professionals.
PhiContour Disp. Eyes & Lip for Latex Head
Disposable 2pcs Eyes + 1pcs Lip, suitable to insert to the PhiContour 3D practice head, having the feeling of a practice on a realistic model.   Very soft skin like material, easy to work on, perfect for any skill level looking to practice their permanent make-up technique, including both beginners and professionals. These removable practice pads provide an ideal chance for trying new techniques.
Phi Areola 3D Practice Skin 2pcs
High quality 3D skin areola reconstruction model, intended for practicing of this technique.  Made of special skin like material and very accurate shape that gives convenience, closest to working on a live model. Perfect for beginners and those who want to master their technique to a more advanced level.
Latex Skin Pad with Stand
A 3D exercise latex that imitates a face through its shape, imitating the treatment on a real model. The anti-slip stand provides stability and control, while the high quality latex mimics human skin to provide an optimal exercise surface.
Practice Silicone Blank