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Permanent Make-Up Tools

Silicone Ink Cups 50pcs
Ink Cup 50pcs
Ink Cup Container 50pcs
Phi Marker Pen White
Drawing Pencil Black
PhiEyeglasses Magnifier
Drawing Pencil Pink
Drawing Pencil Red
Phi Mixer
PhiMixer Stick (10pcs)
Ink Cup Holder
Phi Areola Marker Pen
Phi Areola Skin Exfoliator
Phi Areola Measuring Tape
Phi Barrier Film Holder
Phi Scalp Caliper
PhiBrows Scissors & Tweezers
Phi Barrier Film
Shaping Pencil

Permanent Make-Up Tools at PhiShop 

In addition to PMU machines and pigments, the best PMU tools also come into play for creating the perfect permanent makeup for your client. At PhiShop, artists can acquire the right PMU accessories and buy their tools online. Choose from PMU practice skin, marker pens, measuring devices, and PMU remover.

PMU Practice Skin for your Training

Practice makes perfect – our permanent makeup practice skin made of latex is ideal for practicing and perfecting your techniques. PhiShop offers PMU practice skin in different shapes, designed to practice PMU for lips, eyebrows or eyeliner. Discover practice latex for PhiScalp scalp pigmentation in head shape, practice latex in the shape of mouth and eyes or breast shape latex for PhiAreola.

PMU Tools & PMU Remover

Regardless of whether it is a classic PMU facial treatment, PhiAreola, or PhiScalp – PhiShop has the right accessories. High-quality tools contribute to a swift treatment and excellent results. 

Magnifying glasses with LED lights make it easier to see and illuminate treated areas. With ink cup holders, you will always have the PMU pigments within reach. Barrier film adhesive tape protects surfaces and is simply removed after use. At PhiShop you can also buy professional PMU remover. PMU pigments can be professionally removed from the skin with the solutions from PhiRemoval.

PMU Pencil & Marker Pen

Marking beforehand is an important part of every PMU treatment. With a permanent Makeup pencils and marker pens from PhiShop artists can outline what the result may look like. The PMU pencils are available in several colors, are easy to re-sharpen, and can be used for any form of permanent make-up. 

In addition to PMU pencils, permanent makeup pens are also available for marking. The PhiShop marker pen enables even more precise markings before treatment its markings can only be completely removed with PhiWipes.

Everything you need for PMU 

You will be well-equipped with the right PMU Tools. Discover all the other products you need for PMU at PhiShop:

Buy PMU Tools at PhiShop 

We guarantee the best quality at the best prices. If you have questions regarding our PMU Tools or regarding anything else, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Care department.